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What's New in Version 7.7.0

  • Improved Internet Outage Procedures:  We've made some changes to ensure faster timeouts when internet outages interfere with SalesBuilder updates, Google maps, etc.

  • Out of Stock Updates to Thr!ve Online:    Marking an item "Out of Stock" in the POS will now update Thr!ve Online Out-of-Stock status.  Learn more about Out-of-Stock.

  • Thr!ve Online Gift Cards:  Changes have been made to accept orders tendered with a gift card from Thr!ve Online, and to send gift card configuration to Thr!ve Online when saving.  This feature is not yet deployed on the Thr!ve Online side as of Feb. 2017.
  • Onsite Backups:  Enhanced the back up function to enable automatic back up the database nightly to another station on the network (in addition to cloud backups).

  • Added export to Thr!ve Online when pressing "SAVE" on item main screen (for sort order), also added an "Update Thr!ve Online Now" button for when automatic updates are turned off.

  • Easier E-mail Set up:   We've removed the need to set up a personal e-mail account to send e-mail from your POS.  All e-mails will now be sent from "Your Store Name" but via a centralized e-mail address.  
  • Removed the PC Charge Manager Alert Option as PC Charge is no longer a supported credit card option.

  •  Add Management Alert for Available Software Update
  • Updated help icons to link to FireFly POS help system
  • Block Driver close in FireFly when Google mileage is active and an order is missing mileage  

Defects & Corrections:

Reporting Issues
  • Fixed issues with the Labor Sales Report showing hours/$ as all 0.00 on autumnal daylight savings date
Configuration Issues
  • Made changes needed for CMM on next-gen platform
  • TOL now updated automatically when requirements config changes
  • Customer external loyalty configuration drop down doesn't display currently selected program
  • KPS item config needed saving dialog added.
Version 7.7.1
  • Resolved issues in FireFly to prevent sporadic failure on Driver/server closeouts when SB is active
  • Resolved issue in FireFly with 100% discounted Delivery orders
Version 7.7.2
  • Wording changes in Printer Save Dialogs
  • Adjusted logging in Wildfly to ensure logs do not get too large
Version 7.7.3
  • Modify the Thr!ve Online export to include corporate / local on items and offers (future development in Thr!ve Online to manage these)
  • Include the "override category default" flag for excluded modifiers in TOL export
  • Added support for SSL Implementation of legacy 3rd party online ordering integration.
Version 7.7.4
  • No relevant updates
Version 7.7.5
  • Resolved issues with medium font on credit card receipts and frontend reports.
  • Resolved issues with Day Part / End of Day Deposit emails not sending. Improved UI dialogs for EOD deposit alert.
  • Resolved issues with FireFly frontend and IE browsers
  • Add validation methods for "email from name" from the UI and API levels to prevent incorrect existing data from being used after update.
  • Removed deprecated Mobile Access Setting from employee record
Version 7.7.6
  •   No relevant updates  
Version 7.7.7 
  • Resolved issue editing Job & Payroll in employee configuration with deselecting/selecting a job
  • Fixed issue with Server Details Report "Include tax in total" check box won't remain checked
Version 7.7.8
  • Resolved issues sending Daypart alerts to all configured addresses without limit.
  • Resolved issues with credit card receipt duplicating lines for card # and exp date

Version 7.7.9
  • Resolved issue loading bottom right graphical fraction loads blank if 1st department is not set to fraction.
  • Resolved issues with reports Ticket Details hyperlink not populating the virtual ticket
  • Added order total barcode option on receipt
Version 7.7.10
  • No relevant issues
Version 7.7.11
  • Changed Auto update option to default ON (You'll be prompted on Manager Home when an update is available)
  • Resolved issues with certain Requirements not showing on the Virtual Ticket when ordered via 3rd party online ordering.
  • Resolved issues with Legacy OLO submission failing to record delivery order tax in certain situations.
  • Resolved issues Incorrect values and dates being submitted to N2K when editing bank deposits.
  • Resolved issues with the Customize/filter button on the Employee Schedule Report.
  • Resolved problems with the "Inventory not licensed alert"
Version 7.7.12
  • Resolved issue with Payroll export button missing from report navigation.
  • Resolved issue with fingerprint readers not working after workstation services update.
Version 7.7.13
  • Resolved issues preventing save of employee Job & Payroll information in some cases
  • Resolved issue with Chrome browser causing missing arrow to add tax structure/kps/printer to dept, cat, items
  • Resolved issue with requirements not always saving properly when submitted by Let's Get Online
Version 7.7.14 - internal release only
Version 7.7.15
  • TicketStream: Modify deposit date timestamp to match deposit business date
  • Restored human readable numbers on Punchh Barcode
  • Resolved issue with edited bank deposits blocking N2K updates

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