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Version 7.6.0

Improvements - FireFly Frontend

  • Added support for Mercury Gift via Dejavoo device
  • Add checkStatus method to Mercury EMV transactions to recover lost authorizations
  • Block "continue" when editing a delivery in FF if a gift card tender is used to avoid issues.
  • Change delivery to pickup with register assignment override cancel, pay later can result in double charge - fixed.
  • Fixed issues with Internet Explorer that have potential to create double charges with delivery
  • Fixed issues to support plain text msr with mercury gift balance check
  • Change wording on change/continue to state tender instead of credit.
  • Block register close if there are no transactions in the register.

Improvements & Corrections (FireFly Backend)

  • Prevented settled table tickets from showing in cash location until server close
  • Improved Copy offer to properly copy "available online" field
  • Deleted email confirm issue locks you out of FireFly backend.
  • Fixed printing issue for coupons with receipt set to print quantity items grouped
  • ADP export has "=" to show the leading zeros but needs them removed for import
  • Fixed print format issues with Apostrophe in customer last name
  • Fixed issues duplicating register close from FF frontend or TV/FF backend
  • Improved Thrive Online orders printing so that call center print scheduler will not cause double print
  • Gift Certificates report masks all card #s.
  • Fixed issue with blank VT when recalling tickets from ticket details report due to custom tender error
  • Block register close if there are no transactions in the register.
  • Remove the social media manager function from manager home (deprecated due to security concerns)


  • Auto Update feature -- Initial release of this improved feature will be limited to support use only for beta testing.   The system will now download yum updates in the background on a schedule to speed the update process. When updates are available they will be notified in manager home and an authorized user can run the update from there.
Version 7.6.1
  • Improved Editing mileage from Payroll details to update Driver Performance Report
  • Fixed issue with a particular Caller ID string: Unparseable Date in INNINGS Setting
  • Enhanced FireFly driver auto settle function to validate that settle record matches credit card transaction.
  • Enhanced printing to not print "Free Delivery" if delivery charge is set to no valid charge (rather than a coupon that discounts the delivery fee)
Version 7.6.2 - No relevant issues

Version 7.6.3 
  • Added a new PayCom payroll integration
  • Resolved issues with Mercury devices not recognizing ValueLink gift card type correctly
  • Enhanced FireFly register close process to prevent register close with no transactions
Version 7.6.4
  • Added an option for Epson TM-20II printer and improved Medium font formatting for all Epson printers
        Option TM-88 Alternate is for printers that line wrap from having a larger small font.
        Option TM-20II has a smaller font than the TM-88 which causes the full paper width to not be used. This option spaces correctly.
        Medium font option has spacing corrected for each of the Epson thermal models.
  • Added New Cashdrawer Option for USB->Parallel port adapter.  USB-Parallel adapters require a different drawer kick format. This option is now available in drawer config setup page.
  • Added functionality for auto jboss restart when database connection is lost, this is particularly useful for FireFly clients who need jBoss for Thr!ve Online, and don't realize its not running.
  • Improved printer edit process, so a change to Jet Direct keeps printer location information
  • Fixed Countdown Items button on Config > cat/dept/item  screen display issue.
Version 7.6.5
  • Added a button to manually update TOL (on the Config > Store > General page and the Config > Item page)
  • Change Firefox configuration in our standard FireFox build to reload page per session for improved cache management.
  • Enhanced "Copy Offer" function to include size details, max per item and all other fields.
  • Resolved issue with Saving Config> Tax  "sending to TOL" not auto closing.
  • Resolved issue with Converted ValueLink GC with Mercury EMV/Dejavoo integration isn't voiding properly because of special track data.
  • Resolved Issues deleting tax structure
Verson 7.6.6  -- No relevant issues.

Version 7.6.7
  • Resolved an issue with items are not defaulting to "Corporate" when I'm a master store
  • Revised Paycom payroll integration to use employee_number instead of ID
  • Resolved an issue with N2K Order export and "do not report as special pricing" offers
Version 7.6.8
  • Resolved issues when inserting a timeclock break from Payroll Details, defaulting the date correctly.
  • Improved Item Configuration of Suggestions and Modifer Exclusions populating from category to item.
  • Resolved an issue with multiple breaks on Payroll Report.
Version 7.6.9
  • Improved deferred order scheduler to set promise time to reflect proper deferred times
  • Resolved issues with Mercury Gift Balance Check on GRS encrypted reader
Version 7.6.10
  • Resolved several Inventory UI issues
Version 7.6.11
  • Update phpmailer for security vulnerability.
  • Added Export to Thr!ve Online on Gift Card Setup Page to support future use of gift card payment method there.
  • Improved error log handling for message queues.
  • Resolved issue with Inventory PO / Invoice sending email

Version 7.6.12 - no relevant issues.

Version 7.6.13
  • Resolved issue with Ithaca printer header runs together
  • N2K Void Amount is Occasionally Incorrectly Being Sent as Scientific Notation
  • Resolved issue with Google Mileage calculating multi-stop runs correctly when updating mileage from driver status.
  • Resolved issues saving Deferred Setup Printer Locations.
  • Resolved issues with Tax summary report including delivery charges in non-tax sales totals
  • Resolved issues with emails being sent when schedule is posted.
  • Resolved issues with all employee OT alerts being sent once every 30 minutes
Version 7.6.14
  • Improved SalesBuilder timeout (within 4 seconds) in case of failure to respond
  • Resolved issues with quantity items when grouped printed ticket does not group coupon
  • Improved Store Summary Open Tickets Pop Up to Not Include Open Settled
  • Improved credit card processing blocks in FireFly .
  • Resolved issues that prevent saving store hours
  • Resolved isssues that prevent saving original two custom tenders
  • Resolved issues where occasionally Google mapping fails due to stale credentials.
  • Resolved issue with credit card setup inserting extra record w/ offset values when saved.
  • Improved enter amount dialog should clear default value when starting to type a new value
  • Improved Void Reason dialog to autofocus
  • Improved integration with Vantiv / Dejavoo to send 1.00 auth instead of auth-only for deferred orders to be AMEX compliant
Version 7.6.15
  • Resolved issues with gift card insufficient balance on FF tender screen duplicating settle and/or not working correctly
  • Resolved issues with tender phone order allowing over tendering when using multiple tenders or subtotals.

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