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Item Pricing

Items you create will automatically pull their price from the category level however this can be changed.

In our example we added a side salad as an item. Let's say we want this salad to cost less than the other salads. We will need to change the price of that salad at the item level so that it does not use the category pricing.

Configuration > Items > clicking on the item name to highlight it > Click the Edit button.

You will be taken to the item edit screen > Click Price on the sub-navigation menu.



  • Prompt for Price: A pop up will appear when the item is ordered to enter the price.  Any price above $0.00 will be valid.
  • Override Category Defaults: Category price is currently default, the price columns will be greyed out unless this box is checked. 
Enter the price you wish for the salad to be and save your changes
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If you have all of your pricing set to your liking you can move on to the Inclusions Setup article.

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