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Alternate Pricing

The Alternate Pricing feature allows you to create a second set of prices for your items, which you can apply to individual orders or for a particular station.  This is also a great way to manage pricing changes -- just make your changes in advance on a new scheme, then switch the store to that scheme when you are ready for the changes to take effect.

Configuration > Items > Alternate Pricing

A popup will open
  • Pricing Scheme: You can choose to edit one that is already set up or create a new one by click Add New in the drop down menu.

  • Name: Give your new pricing scheme a name. Example: Hotel Prices
  • Comments: Add text for this pricing
  • PLU #: If you have a PLU# enter it here, if not the system will add one for you.   The PLU#s are essential for Central Menu Management - syncing multiple locations.
  • Copy From: If you wish to start from your default pricing or an existing scheme, copy that.
  • Default Price Scheme By Store/Station: Select "Store" to set the default scheme your store will use.  Select individual stations to have your pricing vary by station.

Save your changes.

Now when you go into alter pricing in various areas of configuration you will have the option to pick the pricing scheme you wish to edit.

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