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Printing Promo Messages

Promo Messages on your customer receipts are a great way to encourage customers to come back again soon, invite them to take a survey, or provide them with a special coupon!

Several different types of promo messages let you target new customers, every X ticket, or based on particular items ordered.

Printer Configuration Promo Messages:
To set up a promo message, navigate to
Configuration > Printers >  Printer Ticket

Select the ticket type you want to edit. In this case it should be the Customer Receipt. If you have different types of order type receipts set up select the one you want to edit.
Example: You want more promos to print on Dine in vs To Go.

Once you have selected what ticket you want to edit, scroll down the list of available fields until you find the Promo Message field > Click Configure under the Options column.

A popup will appear.

  • Activate New Customer Message: First time customer orders will print custom message.   You must look up a customer to associate with the ticket.
  • Activate Message Every X Order Per Customer: Promo message will print every x order.
    Example: Every 10th order will print a promo.   Click on the "ITEMS" configuration to count only when certain items are ordered. This allows you to offer a simple "buy 10 get 1 free" on drinks or desserts, for instance.
  • Activate Message Every X Ticket Per Day: Promo message will print every x ticket that is printed.
    Example: Every 4h ticket that is printed may have a survey invitation.
  • Activate Item Based Message: Promo message will print when a particular item is ordered. To set this up read below the Item Configuration Promo Messages section.
Save your changes

 Item Configuration Promo Messages:

To set up a promo message to print when a particular item is ordered, you would select the Activate Item Based Message box and then navigate to Configuration > Items > Select the item or category you want to add the promo to.

You will be taken to the edit screen > Click on Printing on the sub navigation menu.

Scroll down to the Customer Receipt Printing > Click the Print Promotional Message When This Item Is Ordered > Enter in a promotional message > Save your changes.
Tip: The Override Category Defaults should be checked before you can make edits.

Save your changes.

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