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Setting Up Fractions

Before you set up your fractions, you should first make sure that you have your departments in place. If you have not yet set up your departments please read the Setting Up Departments article in the Managing Your Menu section.

To set up your fractions navigate to Configuration > Items > Find the department you want to configure fractions in and click on it > Click the Edit button.

You will be taken to the department edit screen. From there check the box to "Allow Fractional Orders."

Once you click on the "Configure" button a 2nd screen will appear. This is where you can dictate your fractions for this department.

The top portion dictates how fractions interact with pricing.
  • Use the price of the most expensive fraction: If a customer orders half of one pizza and half of another, they will be charged the full price of the most expensive of the two.
    Example:  If a combo is $15.99 and a cheese is $12.99, they will be charged $15.99
  • Use the average price of the fractions: If a customer orders half of one pizza and half of another, they will be charged the average of the two.
    Example: If a combo is $15.99 and a cheese is $12.99, they will be charged $14.49.
  • Base plus av. topping count: This is used for topping based pricing. Meaning 1-3 toppings could cost $1.50 each, however 4+ could cost $.75 each.
    Example: If a customer orders 4 toppings on one half of a pizza and 2 on the other half, you can charge them for a 3 topping pizza and priced at a 3 topping rate.
  • Exclude size:  Allows you to specify which sizes cannot be ordered as a fraction.
    Example: Customer wants a small pizza with half cheese and half pepperoni. You can exclude the small and make them order a medium if they want to fraction. 
  • Fractional Type: Allows for you to control which fractions you want to allow. If you only want to use 1/2 you can also check the "Use Left/Right/Both Option". This will display to the customer as "Left Half" and "Right Half" of the pizza instead of "First 1/2" and "Second 1/2"

Tip: If you select the Left/Right/Both option, you'll also have the option to select "Use Menu Button to Toggle Fractional".  This allows you to touch a menu button to order the item, remove the item, put the item on the left fraction, or the right.  The order of the toggle is controlled below, you can drag the "on", "off", "left", "right" boxes around to change the order.

NOTE:  Some fractional options are not available in the Thr!ve frontend interface.  For example, the 2/3 and 3/4 option, and the Left/Right/Both option are in FireFly frontend only.

Save your changes and the box will disappear and you will be taken back to the Department screen. Make sure you save your changes on that screen as well.

Repeat these steps for all departments you want to include fractions in.

Tip: If you're starting from scratch, the next article you will want to read is Setting Up Categories.

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