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KPS Category / Item Setup

KPS (Kitchen Production System) allows you to send orders to various KPS screens in addition to or instead of printers.

To learn more about how to configure a KPS before setting it up on the category or item level you can read the KPS Configuration article. In this example we will designate all specialty pizzas to go to the Pizza screen.

To setup KPS on an item Navigate to Configuration > Items > Pizza > Specialty Pizza

You will be taken to the category edit screen > Click KPS on the sub navigation menu

Select the screen you would like to have the specialty pizzas display on from the Available Screens section and add them to the Selected Screens area by clicking on the double arrows.

Display Included Item(s): Will display included toppings for this pizza

Exclude Size: Exclude a certain size from displaying in the kitchen.
Example: Mini pizzas are typically precooked and kept at the front of the store. To exclude, select the box > Click on Details > Select size to exclude > Save

Save your changes.

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