Current Release

What's New in Version 7.7.0

  • Improved Internet Outage Procedures:  We've made some changes to ensure faster timeouts when internet outages interfere with SalesBuilder updates, Google maps, etc.

  • Out of Stock Updates to Thr!ve Online:    Marking an item "Out of Stock" in the POS will now update Thr!ve Online Out-of-Stock status.  Learn more about Out-of-Stock.

  • Thr!ve Online Gift Cards:  Changes have been made to accept orders tendered with a gift card from Thr!ve Online, and to send gift card configuration to Thr!ve Online when saving.  This feature is not yet deployed on the Thr!ve Online side as of Feb. 2017.
  • Onsite Backups:  Enhanced the back up function to enable automatic back up the database nightly to another station on the network (in addition to cloud backups).

  • Added export to Thr!ve Online when pressing "SAVE" on item main screen (for sort order), also added an "Update Thr!ve Online Now" button for when automatic updates are turned off.

  • Easier E-mail Set up:   We've removed the need to set up a personal e-mail account to send e-mail from your POS.  All e-mails will now be sent from "Your Store Name" but via a centralized e-mail address.   
  • Removed the PC Charge Manager Alert Option as PC Charge is no longer a supported credit card option.

  •  Add Management Alert for Available Software Update
  • Updated help icons to link to FireFly POS help system
  • Block Driver close in FireFly when Google mileage is active and an order is missing mileage  

Defects & Corrections:

Reporting Issues
  • Fixed issues with the Labor Sales Report showing hours/$ as all 0.00 on autumnal daylight savings date
Configuration Issues
  • Made changes needed for CMM on next-gen platform
  • TOL now updated automatically when requirements config changes
  • Customer external loyalty configuration drop down doesn't display currently selected program
  • KPS item config needed saving dialog added.


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