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New Features in 7.8.0 Release

This release was primarily focused on new features for the Thr!ve user interface.  Click Here to see the Thr!ve release notes - and remember, FireFly users can easily upgrade to Thr!ve!

Offer setting "Online Only"


  • Offers can now be configured for POS Only, Online Only or Both.
  • Frontend POS offer validation will consider order source (online or POS)
  • Added an Offer Setting: 1st online order only.  (This is not yet active on theThr!ve Online side - will be soon)
  • Improvement

    • Marketing:  Added some preset advanced customer search criteria to help you with common marketing queries.  Navigate to Manager Home > Customer > Load Criteria button at the bottom of the screen to select from searches like "Big Spender:  Ticket average > $30",   "New Customer Last 30 days",  "Regular:  6 or more orders in last 4 months".   Once you've loaded the results, you can go to Advanced Search to modify the search to meet other criteria.
    • Thr!ve Online Export:  Modified the Thr!ve Online export to include corporate / local on items and offers* (This still needs to be implement on the Thr!ve Online side)


    • Resolved issue with Coupon "Detailed" Style options not exporting properly for Thr!ve Online*

    Version 7.8.1

    • Resolved issues running Tax summary report for long periods ~> 28 days due to memory limit
    • Resolved issues printing Tax name on receipts using "individual tax lines":
    • Added data to track which Online ordering integration an order came from.
    • Changed Thr!ve online printing for labels, credit cards to ensure they do not double print.

    Version 7.8.2

    • Resolved issues with "Age Verification" option not printing on receipt
    • Resolved issues with Day part sales sending every 30 minutes
    • Resolved issues with Subtotals not printing on customer receipt
    TicketStream Enhancements
    TicketStream is our cloud-based reporting engine used for API access to POS data.
    • Added Category ID and Name to Order Feed Item Section
    • Added more data feeds to the historical TicketSTream data update option
    • Added revenue center to order feed item section
    • Added job type department code to timeclock feed.

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