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Current Release

New Features in 7.8.0 Release

This release was primarily focused on new features for the Thr!ve user interface.  Click Here to see the Thr!ve release notes - and remember, FireFly users can easily upgrade to Thr!ve!

Offer setting "Online Only"


  • Offers can now be configured for POS Only, Online Only or Both.
  • Frontend POS offer validation will consider order source (online or POS)
  • Added an Offer Setting: 1st online order only.  (This is not yet active on theThr!ve Online side - will be soon)
  • Improvement

    • Marketing:  Added some preset advanced customer search criteria to help you with common marketing queries.  Navigate to Manager Home > Customer > Load Criteria button at the bottom of the screen to select from searches like "Big Spender:  Ticket average > $30",   "New Customer Last 30 days",  "Regular:  6 or more orders in last 4 months".   Once you've loaded the results, you can go to Advanced Search to modify the search to meet other criteria.
    • Thr!ve Online Export:  Modified the Thr!ve Online export to include corporate / local on items and offers* (This still needs to be implement on the Thr!ve Online side)


    • Resolved issue with Coupon "Detailed" Style options not exporting properly for Thr!ve Online*

    Version 7.8.1

    • Resolved issues running Tax summary report for long periods ~> 28 days due to memory limit
    • Resolved issues printing Tax name on receipts using "individual tax lines":
    • Added data to track which Online ordering integration an order came from.
    • Changed Thr!ve online printing for labels, credit cards to ensure they do not double print.

    Version 7.8.2

    • Resolved issues with "Age Verification" option not printing on receipt
    • Resolved issues with Day part sales sending every 30 minutes
    • Resolved issues with Subtotals not printing on customer receipt
    TicketStream Enhancements
    TicketStream is our cloud-based reporting engine used for API access to POS data.
    • Added Category ID and Name to Order Feed Item Section
    • Added more data feeds to the historical TicketSTream data update option
    • Added revenue center to order feed item section
    • Added job type department code to timeclock feed.

    Version 7.8.3

    • Made changes to resolve Firefly maps loading as blank  (not able to reliably duplicate on demand so this may not fix it)
    • Made improvements to automatic back up processes

    Version 7.8.4

    • Resolved an issue loading and saving proper settings in order Types > Table configuration area.
    • Resolved an issue loading and saving data in the FireFly Server Settle Screen
    • Resolved an issue using Display Name for production printing not printing all item names.
    • Resolved an issue where Order Type buttons on Customer Lookup/Info screen in FireFly can change order.

    Version 7.8.5

    • Resolved issue with order total Barcode incorrect for orders over $100
    • Resolved issue with FireFly not showing all orders in order screen, stops at arbitrary number
    • Resolved issue with Online orders not reporting on Store Summary (Thr!ve Online)
    • Resolved issues with undefined item include count in FF causes conversational ordering flow errors in new arch

    Version 7.8.6

    • Resolved issues with exporting delivery fees to TOL when mutiple store_ids exist
    • Resolved issues with export to thrive online errors with plu numbers that have exceeded int limit
    • Resolved issue with customers LG orders being submitted with SBID 0
    • Resolved issues with Duplicate ticket numbers being created with online orders

    Version 7.8.7

    • Improvements to CMM (Central Menu Management) including:
      • CMM option to update Dept/ Cat /Item without sending price data
      • Make PLU # Visible and editable on requirements page
      • Resolve CMM problems sending category_default_style table
      • Other technical improvements.
    • Resolved issues with modifiers and suggestive sell sections sending to TOL w/o save
    • Resolved issue with Check/Uncheck Master Store immediately sends to TOL without saving
    • Resolved issue saving a coupon description with punctuation
    • Resolved errors running Menu Item Performance Report
    • Resolved issues with deposit slip not printing when Diner's tender type, Store name with Apostrophe
    • Resolved issues with "Map All" in FireFly  

    Version 7.8.8

  • Resolved issues with Adjust Tips on Driver Status causing shorts on credit card end of day deposit.
  • Resolved issues with Pay Tips to Server not working in FireFly Frontend
  • Resolved issues with Adjust tips for Server adds to Tips Retained
  • Resolved issues with duplicate ticket numbers with online orders
  • Resolved issues with Multiple Pricing Schemes - Category & Item Pricing screens.
  • Resolved issues with SalesBuilder Test Connection getting "No valid XML received"
  • Resolved issue with a prompt for price item on last order recall.
  • Resolved issue with CMM showing errors about missing deptId when sending category and/or items
  • Resolved issue with Copy Category and make sure that it does not duplicate PLU#s.
  • Modified Customer Loyalty configuration so that unchecking Loyalty option disables external loyalty as well.  
  •   Resolved issue with Promise times not printing on tickets.  

  • Version 7.8.9

    • Resolved issues with the CMM Item Compare report,showing "0" instead of the usual "Local" in item description
    • Resolved issue with Copy Category not incrementing local_max_plu table.

    Version 7.8.10

    • Resolved issue with unassigning delivery
    • Resolved issue with Online orders not settling to cash.

    Version 7.8.11

    • Modified configurations to support TLS 1.2 commmunications to Open Edge Payments.
    • Enhanced Item List to add "Show Excluded Modifiers" as an override option on item tree.
    • Resolved issues with the Sales by Daypart report missing some categories
    • Resolved issue with Adding employees, with birthday defined, complains about being a minor
    • Resolved issue with Manage Customers Search not displaying total orders / order $ / last order date
    • Resolved issues with the Export to XML function
    Version 7.8.12

    • Resolved issues with CMM Requirements & Inclusion deleting requirement_element or giving false error
    • Resolved issues with random N2K export failures.
    Version 7.8.13

    • Resolved issue with Inclusion/Requirement setup screen going blank when using Firefox if a requirement exists without a PLU#
    • Resolved issues with Label printing of quantity of requirements, order date
    • Resolved some issues with local items and cateogry/departmetn tax for CMM

    Version 7.8.14
    • Updated server image for fingerprint reader drivers
    • Resolved issues with Offsite backups sometimes hanging
    Version 7.8.15
    • Resolved workstation services issues related to fingerprint driver update
    Version 7.8.16
    • Resolved issues with the "Drivers Overdue from Delivery" Alert, created enhanced report of driver data.
    • Resolved issue with KPS displaying long decimal places on split items
    • Resolved issue with End of Day / Daily Notes "Close" giving an error warning.
    • Resolved issue with Restroom service alert not appearing on manager home.

    Version 7.8.17
    • Resolved issues with deferred orders reporting on Late Delivery report.
    Version 7.8.18
    • No relevant features
    Version 7.8.19
    • Resolved errors related to date formats on some Manager Alerts
    • Resolved issue with some items showing as "!No!!" on KPS inappropriately. 
    Version 7.8.20
    • No relevant features
    Version 7.8.21
    • No relevant features
    Version 7.8.22
    • Released version to Gold "Release" code repository, this version switches all "Beta" users to be back on "Release" for auto download.
    Version 7.8.23
    • Resolved a problem with Manager Home Widgets add/remove not saving.
    • Resolved an issue to make the Payroll Export button visible when appropriate
    • Resolved an issue with saving the Inventory inclusion usage screen.
    • Resolved an issue with the CMM Update Item button in PLU Compare result screen.
    Version 7.8.24
    • Resolved issues with CMM duplicating offers
    • Enhanced XML export for N2K is to list requirement/modifier quantities separately for N2K to use
    • Resolved a Manager Alert fatal error on Sunday with some configurations.
    • Resolved issues with certain timeclock edits
    • Resolved issue closing overtime alert pop up from Manager home.
    • Improved report modal pop ups to remain anchored to top of screen and to retain report position when closed.
    • Resolved some call center related issues.
    Version 7.8.25
    • Reports: Active employee List "Clear All" button should not remove the default value "All"

    Version 7.8.26

    • Resolved issues with LG/OLO not rejecting orders when generic "Error" is received from Mercury.
    • Resolved issues with credit card receipt not printing signature when obtained from the Dr!ve app.
    • Resolved issues with the Deferred Orders Manager Alert not displaying in Manager Home
    • Resolved issues with Formatting/display problems on credit card batch printed summary.
    • Resolved issues with Let's Get / OLO not properly printing a credit card receipt
    • Made some improvements to logging and log clean up.  

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