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Release 07_02_06_01


  • Added discount button that defaults to a specified discount but can be changed to a different amount by the user via a keypad that pops up.
  • Added "Loyalty Customer" to the Advanced Customer Search option (backend).
  • Added a cash location close sheet display after register close, which can be printed.

Resolved Issues FireFly:

Browser Compatibility:
  • Improved compatibility in Firefox and IE with category printing.
  • Resolved an issue where coupons with specific PLU codes were not saving and subsequently moving to the next numeric order. 
  • Resolved issue where a auto apply BOGO coupon was applying to an order when only 1 item was ordered instead of 2.
  • Resolved issue where a $Off coupon with an item requirement was not applying to an order.
  • Resolved issue with coupons applying to "max discounts" was not calculating the final order total properly.
  • Resolved issue - Max discount security setting control was not enforcing the max % of discount properly.
  • In some cases; the system was allowing larger sizes to apply on specific size restricted coupons.
  • In some cases; the system was restricting multiple coupons to apply to an order when it should not.
  • Zip code was not saving for a new customer from a street search causing a deliver to be considered out of a delivery area. 
  • In some cases, the menu would display "Customer" instead of the actual customer's name on an order.
  • If a user logged out from the customer screen and then logged back in and navigated to the menu screen, the display was not correct.
  • Deferred orders were dropping the link off the virtual ticket, making it difficult to change a deferred time.
  • The deferred calendar was not calculating the correct AM/PM time for orders deferred at 12:00.
  • Deferred calendar was not calculating properly when the due date was set to the 31st.
  • Resolved an issue where toppings on a fractional pizza were printing double on the virtual recalled ticket. 
  • Extended the amount of time the "Change due" dialog box displays on the screen to 30 seconds.
  • Resolved an issue where in some cases if an item was ordered and paid with a credit card the system would throw an error.
  • Quantity + and - buttons were not working on some items.
  • Deferred-tendered orders were not reflecting on reports correctly. Instead of reflecting a refunded closed order it was showing as a standard voided order.  
  • Resolved issue where topping based pricing was not calculating correctly with base pricing vs stand alone. 
  • If using topping based pricing and user goes over a specific limit the price would revert back to the base price. 
  • Resolved issue where topping based pricing was not calculating the price correctly when doubling or tripling toppings.
  • Resolved an issue where after editing a requirement the user would be taken to a blank screen.
  • Login and timeclock was not receiving data or connection with the Dynamag USB KB reader.
Update/Install Process:
  • Improved the update/installation process for customers

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