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Main Screen

The Main Screen is accessed by pressing the "Home" icon at the upper left.  If no menu or function is identified as the station's "home" screen, the "splash" screen will appear.  Your logo can be displayed on this screen, along with 2 lines of text.  These are configured in the Configuration/General/Store Set Up area.   From the main screen you can access any function via the icons at the top, or start taking an order by selecting any menu.

Fields on this screen:

Field Name

Help on this field

Logo area

The logo displayed can be modified in Configuration / General Set Up / Store Set Up.

Message area

The messages displayed can be modified in Configuration / General Set Up / Store Set Up.

Home icon

The home icon will return you to the default screen set up for the station you are working on.

Manager Home icon

The Manager Home icon will display the Manager�s screen.   This requires proper log on authorization

Orders icon

The orders icon will display the orders screen, which allows you to view tickets, filtering with various criteria.  From this screen, all server management functions occur.

Dispatch icon

The dispatch icon will display the delivery dispatch screen, which displays all delivery tickets and allows you to manage the delivery process.

Look up icon

The look up icon allows you to search for customers, or display information about the active customer.

Options icon

The options icon activates the Options Screen, which gives access to various miscellaneous point-of-sale functions.

Timeclock icon

The timeclock icon activates the timeclock screen, which enables you to clock in or out, view timeclock records,  access e-mail, etc.

Log on / Log off icon

The Log On / Log Off icon allows you to log on or log off of the workstation.   Note, only one person can be logged on to a workstation at any one time.

Help icon

The help icon activates the system help functions. 

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