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Timeclock Screen


The timeclock screen enables you to clock in and out for payroll purposes, and to access your e-mail account.  

Timeclock screen:

Field Name

Help on this field

ID keypad Enter your ID on the keypad to log in to the timeclock function, or swipe your card, or touch the Fingerprint reader.  Press the Enter button.
Status notification If you are clocked in, Your name, clock on/off status, and job type will appear at the top of the right side of the screen. If not, it will let you know that you are not clocked in
Job Type Before clocking in, choose a job type from the list of authorized jobs from the drop down list. 
Clock On/Off  Press the clock on/clock off button to clock on or clock off of the system
Go on/off break Press the break button to go on break, or to return from break
Go on/off lunch Press the lunch button to go on lunch, or to return from lunch
View Time Records Press the View Time Records to see a historical record of when this employee has worked.   This defaults to 1 past week but the dates can be changed to show any period of time desired.   Pressing the PRINT button will print the record to the designated "Local" printer.
View Schedule Press the View Schedule button to view posted schedule data for this employee.  This defaults to 1 future week but the dates can be changed to show any period desired.  Pressing the PRINT button will print the record to the designated "Local" printer.
Schedule Request Press the Schedule Request to enter a request for time off.   Submitting the request will enter an alert on the Manager Home page, where a Manager can approve or reject the request.   Set up employee communication alerts to be notified via e-mail or text message when your request is approved. 
ALERTS  If there is a problem with clocking in or out, you will be notified with a red alert at the top of the screen or in a pop up window.   Some Alerts include: 
  • You are not scheduled to work yet.   The posted schedule does not include you, or it is not yet time for your shift.    You can click on this alert and enter an authorization ID to override this restriction.
  • You can not clock off because a cash location is assigned to you.   This means a register is assigned.   Close the register, OR unassign the register in the Manager/Cash area.
  • You can not clock off because a driver/server bank is assigned to you.  Do a driver or server Close Shift to reconcile this money before clocking off.
  • You can not clock off because you have open tickets assigned to you.   Do a driver or server Close Shift, or transfer the tickets prior to clocking off. 
Close Press the close button to exit this screen. 
E-mail message notification You will be notified of the number of new messages in your e-mail box, including any required e-mail messages.   Required messages must be confirmed before you can clock on to the system. 

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