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POS Log On


The Log On / Off function identifies you as a system user and gives you access to the workstation based on your security authorization.

Fields on this screen:

Field Name

Help on this field

ID Keypad Enter your system ID on the virtual keypad or physical keyboard to log on.   OR swipe your Phoenix ID Card on the card reader, or touch the fingerprint reader.

NOTE:  Compatible swipe cards and figerprint readers can be ordered from FireFly Technologies, 866-678-6781.


Log on  Based on your job type, pressing log on will log you in for a single order OR for multiple orders
Cancel Press cancel to exit the screen without action
Notifications Once you enter your ID, you may see notifications at the top of the screen about your log on status.   You can not log on to the system unless you have clocked in via the timeclock, and you can not log on if you are currently clocked on break or lunch.  Also, you can not log in if you have required e-mails to confirm. 
Log Off Press the log off button to log off the station.

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