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The Orders Screen displays orders based on various criteria such as status (open/closed), order type, server, ticket, table, tent #, date, etc.     It is designed as a simple and interactive way to find and recall any ticket at any time.   It also provides access to various server banking functions.  

If you are clocked in as a job type "Eligible to be assigned server tickets", and your store is using the "Room Layout" table screen, the table screen will be your default view when you log on.

 To Recall a ticket:

  • Navigate to the Orders screen using the Orders icon at the top of your screen

  • Select the order type, or select ALL

  • Select Open / Closed or ALL

  • Choose the server name, if known

  • Enter the ticket date, if desired

  • Enter the ticket #, table # or tent #, if desired

  • View the list below to find the ticket in question.

  • Touch the ticket # hyperlink, OR Touch the ticket, then press the Recall button to display the order on the Virtual Ticket, 

  • Press one of the menu tabs to start editing the ticket.

Note: Default Sort and other configuration for this screen is available in Config / Order types / Order Screen

Field Name

Help on this field

Order Type Buttons (Orders Screen)

The order type buttons enable you to filter the ticket list to show only certain order types.  Click on the order type to include it in the list; click it again to eliminate it from the list.    Use the �ALL� button to quickly show all order types.

Status Buttons (Orders Screen)

The order status buttons enable you to filter the ticket list to show only Open tickets, only Closed tickets, Deferred orders or All orders.    Click on the Open button to show only Open tickets, on the Closed button to show only Closed tickets, or the ALL button to show all tickets.  

Note:  Deferred orders will display according to the date they are scheduled for.

Online Button The online button toggles on and off to filter your online orders.

Date field

The Date field enables you to view tickets from a prior day (it defaults to today).   Click on the calendar button to select a different day, and press the �Search� button to update the list of tickets.  

Click on the hyperlinked word DATE to bring up the date range search option.   If you see *** in the date field, it means that a range has been activated.

Tip: Leave the date field blank to find tickets from any date.

Server Field (Orders Screen)

The Server field enables you to view tickets that are assigned to a particular server.  Select the server from the drop down list.    Nick names are displayed

 Also, this is used to specify a server when accessing the server banking functions.  Select a server name, then press �Server Details�.  If no server is selected, the server details for the person logged on will appear.

Ticket #  (Orders Screen)

The Ticket # field enables you to search for a particular ticket based on its #.  Enter the # in the field, and press the �Search� button to update the list of tickets.

 Note:  It is possible to find multiple tickets with the same ticket # if the date field is blank.

Table # / Tent # (Orders Screen)

The Table # / Tent # field enables you to search for a ticket based on the table &/or tent assigned.   Enter the table or tent # in the field, and press the Search button to update the list of tickets

+ More search options Click on the + symbol to activate more search optoins, including the ability to select a date range, search on customer name, customer phone #, or $ amount of the transaction.

Search button

The Search button updates the list of tickets based on criteria entered in the search fields.

Ticket List (Orders Screen)

The ticket list shows tickets filtered by the criteria chosen above.   This list displays ticket #, customer identification such as customer name, tent #, table #; order status, order type, date & time ordered, server, order total, and the minutes since ordered (HH:MM:SS)

Adjust Tips

The adjust tips lets you modify the tip on a ticket.

Enter a $ amount, or use the "% tip" button to enter a % which will vary the $ amount as the order is modified.

If an auto-gratuity applies to the ticket, you can remove it from this screen as well.

Adding a tip to a ticket paid by credit card will include that tip amount in the batch.  

Hint: You can put the "adjust tips" button on any menu screen as a "menu function" button

Recall Ticket Button (Orders screen)

The Recall button enables you to recall any ticket for editing.   

Select the ticket from the ticket list, and press Recall.  

The ticket will display in the Virtual Ticket.

Press the �Finish� button from here to complete and tender the order

OR, select any menu tab to edit the order.

 Note:  Recalling closed tickets may require authorization. 

Alert:  Ticket in progress (recall process)

This alert indicates that during an attempt to recall a ticket, there is already a different order in progress.  

Select �Combine� to combine the order in progress with the recalled order, creating one ticket.   The ticket # and order type will be selected from the ticket which was originally on the virtual ticket.   The combined ticket will be automatically closed as a 0.00 ticket.

Select �Clear� to cancel the order that is in progress and proceed with recalling the ticket.

Transfer Ticket Button (Orders screen & Financial Summary / Settle Screen)

Transfer Ticket Screen

The Transfer Ticket button activates the Transfer Ticket screen, which enables the transfer of an open ticket, and financial responsibility for that ticket, from one server to another. 

 To transfer a ticket:

Select the ticket

 Press the �Transfer Ticket� button

Select the recipient server from the drop down list of eligible servers (employees on the clock in a job type designated as eligible to be a server)

Press OK.

Note:  Transfer of a ticket not assigned to you may require authorization.

 Note:  You can not transfer a closed ticket, or a ticket which has been settled.    Any transferred tickets will not be included in performance reporting (such as sales average per server, etc.)


Reprint The Reprint button on the Orders Screen allows you to reprint the selected order without recalling it.  You will be prompted to reprint the customer receipt, kitchen ticket, credit, label, account slip, all, locally, or none.

Report (Orders Screen)

The Report button on the Orders Screen displays a report detailing the orders that are currently displayed on the screen.  

Server Details The Server Details button activates the server details screen, which enables you to manage the server banking process.  See Server Details help for more information.

Settle Button - Orders Screen - appears when "Server Banking" is set to YES in config / order types / table.

Select a ticket, then press the Settle button on the Orders Screen to Settle that ticket via the Settle screen.  The ticket must be an order type which is configured to allow in server details, and "Use Server Banking" must be turned on in configuration / order types / table.

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View Rooms

Field Name

Help on this field

Room Tabs

The Room Tabs on the left of the screen let you switch to various rooms within the restaurant

Table Graphics The table graphics depict the tables in the restaurant. 
  • Gray tables are available
  • Yellow tables are reserved
  • Purple tables have an open ticket assigned to you
  • Blue tables have an open ticket assigned to someone else.
  • Tables with a Yellow table number have "held" items which have not yet been printed.

Touch an available table to begin an order for that table.

Touch an occupied table to recall the ticket.

Restroom Graphics The restroom graphics track service on the restrooms.    Touch a restroom to find out the last time it was serviced and to record service.  The graphic will show in red if service is overdue.
Server Details Links to the server details screen
Reprint Select an occupied table and touch "Reprint" to reprint the open ticket
Reserve Touch Reserve, then touch an unoccupied table to reserve it.   Touch a reserved table and the button will switch to "Unreserve". 
Transfer Ticket Select an occupied table and touch "Transfer" to transfer the ticket to another server.
Settle  (appears when server banking is active) Recall a ticket, then select "settle" to settle this ticket individually via the tender screen. 
List Returns to the orders screen list of orders.

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