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Lookup & Customer Information


The look up icon allows you to search for a customer in the database, and add or edit customer information. 

Searching for a customer: 

  • Enter the phone number using the keypad or the system keyboard.
  • View the resulting list and select the customer by touching it.  
  •  Press Next to activate that customer.
  • If no customer is found, try searching by name or address using the "Full Search" option
  • If no customer is found, a new customer must be entered.  Press Next with no customer selected to create a new customer.

If a customer is active (name appears on the virtual ticket) pressing the Lookup icon will display information about that customer.

To clear the active customer, press "New Search" from the customer info screen. 

Customer Search Screen:     

Field Name / Screen Name

Help on this field / Screen

Phone Entry Enter the phone number by using the virtual keyboard OR the physical keyboard
Phone Icons The phone icons represent incoming caller-ID information.  A "ringing" phone means it has not been selected yet. Select the phone which corresponds with the phone line you are answering, and the customer will automatically be selected.     The phone number can be recalled at any time by selecting the phone icon until a new call replaces it.

Note: If your phone icons are gray, caller ID is not activated on your system.  Call FireFly Support for details on activating this feature.

Arrow buttons (Near phone fields) The arrow buttons let you scroll through previous phone numbers entered to recall a prior search.  This history is deleted every time you exit the POS (including exiting to the Manager Home).

Results List (Phone Lookup and Full Search screen)

The results list displays all customers that match the criteria entered in the search fields.   

Touch a customer line to select it

 If the list is too long, try entering more information in the search fields.

If the customer is not found, press the �New� button to enter a new customer  

If one customer is found that matches your search criteria, the system will automatically select it.  To disable automatic selection, check the box in Configuration / Customers.

New Search Button (Phone Lookup screen, Full Search screen)

The New Search button clears any criteria you have entered, and clears the results list, enabling you to search again.

New Button (Phone look up screen, Full Search Screen)

The New button is used to create a new customer record

Full Search Button (Phone lookup screen)

The Full Search button activates the Full Search screen, which allows for searching on a variety of fields.

Full Search Screen

The Full Search screen enables you to search for a customer based on a variety of fields:

  • Area Code

  • Phone Number: Prefix, number, extension

  •  First Name

  •   Last Name

  •  Primary User � limit to only primary users if checked

  • Street #

  • Street Name

  • Apartment Number (residential customers only)

  • City

  • State

  • Zip

  • Map (Section & Grid)

  • Zone

  • Type:  Residential, Business or Lodging

  • Business Name (business customers only)

  •  Suite # (business customers only)

  • Room # (business & lodging customers only)

  •  Lodging name (Lodging customers only)  

  • Loyalty card #  (can be swiped or typed)

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Customer Info Screen 

Field Name

Help on this field

Customer Information Area (Customer Info screen)

The Customer Information displayed includes important comments and notes about this customer.

If the customer selected is matched to a value in the street database, the zone, section and grid will be updated to match the street database values.

Edit button (Customer Info screen)

The Edit button activates the Customer Details screen, which allows you to change customer information, such as the address or phone number.

New Search button (Customer Info Screen)

The New Search button returns you to the default search screen, clearing the active customer and any criteria previously entered.   

Last Order Recall Button (Customer Info Screen)

The Last Order Recall button activates the Last Order Recall screen, which enables you to quickly reorder either of the 2 most recent orders for that customer. 

Note: This button will be visible if configured in phone orders/common set up.

Alt Delivery Address The Alt Delivery Address allows you to enter multiple address for the customer and select which address to use for this order.

Account Info & Manage button (Customer Info Screen)

If the customer has a Customer Account, the account name and current balance will display here. The Manage button lets you view a history of transactions and manually adjust the account balance.

Customer Points If enrolled in the loyalty program, the points balance will display.   Choose "Apply" to use the points as a discount on this order.  You will have the choice to apply a portion or all of the available points up to the ticket total.  The points will apply as a discount to the order. 

Note:  Available balance may vary from total balance if the customer has open orders.

Map Button The Map Button will bring up a window displaying a map of the customer address.   On the right side of the map window, "Zoom Levels" let you view a closer or farther map view.   The "Print" button will allow you to select a system printer for the map.  It is recommended that you print the map to a report printer.  The "Driving Directions" button will display step by step directions from your restaurant to the customer location, with a route map.  This can also be printed. 

Note:  Internet access is required to use the mapping feature.

Note:  If it says "No Map Available" it is possible that the customer address does not have a correct latitude / longitude.  Try saving the customer record to validate for mapping.


Promise Time Fields & (Customer Info Screen)

The Promise Time displays, for each order type, the system calculated time that the order will be ready, or, for a delivery order, will be delivered to the customer.  This is based on the current promise times you have set in the system. 

 If allowed in your system set-up, the user can adjust the promise time by clicking on the hyperlink.   The new promise time is then recorded in conjunction with that order.   This can be used for delayed same-day orders.

Balance Due Column

The Balance Due column shows the current order total for each order type.  It may vary due to delivery fees added for delivery type orders.   

If no balance due appears, it could be because no order has been taken, or because the order type is not valid (see reason below the order type button)

The balance due field may say �$XX Minimum� for delivery orders if a minimum has been established and the current order does not meet that minimum.

Delivery Button

Press the Delivery button to finalize the order as a delivery order.

 The delivery button may not be active if delivery is not authorized.  Reasons could include:

  • The order type is not active for this station

  • The order type is not active for this store.

  • Customer is not authorized for this order type.  Access the customer record in the Manage Customers area to change their order type authorization.    

Other delivery restrictions keep the button active, enabling you to override the restriction with the proper security. These include:

  • Minimum order amount has not been reached.

  • Delivery is not valid at this time due to the valid delivery times restrictions

  • Customer address is not valid for delivery according to the street database.   Edit the customer to verify street.

Eat In Button

Press the Eat In button to finalize the order as a Eat In order.

The Eat In button may not be active if Eat In is not authorized.  Reasons could include:

Customer is not authorized for this order type.  Access the customer record in the Manage Customers area to change their order type authorization.  

The order type is not active for this station

The order type is not active for this store.

Pick Up Button

Press the Pick Up button to finalize the order as a Pick Up order.

The Pick Up button may not be active if Pick Up is not authorized.  Reasons could include:

Customer is not authorized for this order type.  Access the customer record in the Manage Customers area to change their order type authorization.  

 The order type is not active for this station

 The order type is not active for this store.

Alert!  Order in Progress

The Order In Progress alert will appear if the customer identified currently has an open order in the system.  This warning enables you to quickly find the current order for that customer.

To Recall the existing order, press the �Recall� button.  If you have started taking an order, you will be prompted whether to combine the old order with the new one, or if you want to clear the order you started.

 To create a new order instead, press the �New� button.

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