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Customer Details Screen

The customer details screen allows you to edit customer information and provides more details about the selected customer.   Note: You can control which address fields are active and what order they appear in using the address formattor in Store Setup / General area.

Field Name

Help on this field

First Name

Customer�s First Name

Last Name

Customer�s Last Name

Customer Type

Customer Type allows you to group customers as Residential, Business, or Lodging, recording different types of information as appropriate.

Phone #

The customer phone number, Area Code, Prefix, number, and extension (optional).  

E-mail Confirm Designates this phone # for sending text messages

Fax #

The customer fax number, Area Code, Prefix, number.

Street #

The Number portion of the street address

i.e. 12345

Street Name

The customer�s street name

(i.e.Main St.)

Street Direction The customer's street direction (i.e. N, S, E, W)

Apartment #

The customer�s apartment number

Street Search Results The search results displays matching valid streets from the street database within the address range entered.  Select a street to have the city, state, zip, etc. filled automatically.

Suite #

The customer�s suite #, if a business customer


The company name, if a business customer

Room #

The customer�s room # or office location, if a business customer


The lodging name, if a lodging customer

Room #

The customer�s room #, if a lodging customer


The customer�s city, selected from the list of configured cities. 


The customer�s state, selected from the list of configured states.


The customer�s zip, selected from the list of configured zips.


The customer�s delivery zone, selected from the list of configured zones.


The customer�s map section, selected from the list of configured sections.


The customer�s map grid, selected from the list of configured grids.

NEW ADDRESS button Touch this button to add an alternate delivery address to this customer record.

User Fields

The 3 user-defined fields allow you to record additional information about the customer.  These fields are activated and named in the Customer Configuration area.


Additional information about the customer.

The following fields are available by pressing the "MORE" button at the top of the screen.  

Alt Phone #s field

Alt Phone #s screen

The Alt Phone button activates the Alternate Phone screen, which enables you to record additional phone numbers for that customer.   Now, when a customer calls from home, work, or a cell phone, the same record will be recalled. 

To Add a phone number, type in the new phone number at the bottom of the Alternate Phone screen, and press �Add New�

To Delete a phone number, select it from the Alternate Phone list, and press the Delete button.

Alt Users Button

Alt Users Screen

The Alternate Users button activates the Alternate Users screen, which enables you to record multiple people under one main record for a household.   Now, when �Mary Jones� and husband �Jim Jones� order, their data will be recorded in the same customer record.

To Add a new user, enter the first name and last name at the bottom of the Alternate Users screen and press �Add New�   Optionally you can include the Alt-user birthday (MM/DD)

To Delete a user, select that user and press �Delete�.

Note, the �Main� person, as listed on the Customer Details screen, is considered the �Primary User� for that account.  


Additional information about the customer; can be confidential if set not to display on the customer info screen. This field can be edited via the Manage Customers function

Authorized for Checks

Controls whether or not the tender type �check� can be used for this customer�s order.  This field can be edited via the Manage Customers function

Non-Taxable Customer

Indicates that the customer should not be taxed.   If checked, you will be prompted for each order to make it tax-exempt.

Non-Tax ID

Indicates the ID # or reason for the customer non-tax status.

Delivery Tax Structure

Override tax structure for this customer�s delivery orders.   If selected, this will override all other tax selections on the order.  This enables  a different tax structure for customers who live in a different tax area. This field can be edited via the Manage Customers function

E-Mail Address

The customer�s e-mail address


The customer�s birthday, in a MM/DD format

Driver�s License #

The customer�s driver�s license


A standard discount which will automatically apply to the customer�s order.  This field can be edited via the Manage Customers function

Customer Group

The group which this customer belongs to.  All orders will be added to the group total.       Use the CTRL key to select more than one group.

Mailing List

Indicates that the customer can be mailed to; if this box is not checked, it is possible to exclude this customer from marketing searches.

Wrong Address

Indicates that the address listed is incorrect.   Check this box if mail is returned; this customer can then be excluded from future mailings.

E-mail confirm Designates this e-mail address to sent a confirmation message at dispatch.
Notes View and add general notes to the customer record.  Selecting the ALERT button will create a pop up of the note when the customer is selected.

Order History Section

This section displays historical statistics about that customer�s orders.

Order History Details Button

Order History Details Screen

The Order History Details button activates the Order History Details screen, which provides a list of previous orders

Order History Details screen � View Items button

The �View Items� button allows you to view specific items on previous orders.

Authorized Order Types

The authorized order types allow you to control which order types can be selected for that customer.  These fields can be edited via the Manage Customers function

Customer Points If customer is enrolled in the loyalty program, the total points will display.  If not, you can check here to enroll. 

Save & Close

Save & Close saves changes for the customer and returns to the Customer Info screen


Close will return to the Customer Info screen without saving changes.

Alert:  Address not valid for mapping! Indicates that the system was not able to verify the customer's latitude/longitude at that address. 

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