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Dispatch Deliveries


The Dispatch screen allows you to manage your delivery process by displaying pending delivery orders and drivers.  From here, you can dispatch orders, track delivery status, and manage drivers. 

The Delivery Dispatch Process:

  • Employees clocked on to job types set to appear on the driver dispatch screen will appear on the drivers list.

  • Use the Activate Driver function to list additional employees as drivers

  • Select an order, or multiple orders from the left side of the screen

  • Select a driver from the driver list

  • Press Assign.   The driver is now responsible for those orders, which have disappeared from the screen.

  • Use the In Process button to view orders that are out on delivery.

  • When the driver returns, select the driver name, and press the Return button to record the completed delivery.

  • Use the Driver Status button to settle tickets and complete the driver close. 

Field Name

Help on this field

Current Est. Delivery Time This displays the current "promise time" based on on the day part.  This is controlled in Configuration/Order Types/Delivery

Use the "Change" button to override the promise time for the current day part.   Now, new orders will receive the new promise time.  This will revert back to your default time at the start of the next daypart (breakfast, lunch or dinner) or you can use the "default" button to revert back. 

A security setting for "Alter promise times" controls access to this function. 

List of Orders

The list of orders displays all open delivery orders which have not yet been assigned to drivers.  The screen displays customer information including name and phone, map coordinates, and the time since ordered (HH:MM)

Orders are color coded to indicate their status. 

Flashing orders are the recommended next orders.

To assign an order to a driver, select it, then select the driver name, and press the Assign button.  

If you do not select an order, the recommended order will be assigned to the driver.

If you select an order, recommend paired orders may flash.  You must touch these in order to select them for assignment.   To control how these recommendations are made, see Configuration / Order Types / Delivery


Map Button Next to each order is a Globe icon in the Map Column.  Select a delivery and press this icon to display a map of the customer location.  On the right side of the map window, "Zoom Levels" let you view a closer or farther map view.   The "Print" button will allow you to select a system printer for the map.  It is recommended that you print the map to a report printer.  The "Driving Directions" button displays step-by-step instructions from your restaurant location to the customer address, with a route map.  This can also be printed.  

Note:  Internet access is required to access map information.

You can select multiple deliveries and all points will be displayed on the map.  Driving directions will be point-to-point, starting from the store to the first delivery selected.

List of Drivers

The list of drivers displays all employees who are clocked into a job type which is set to display on the drivers list.   The screen displays driver nick name and status of orders taken this shift.

Drivers are color coded to indicate their status.  Drivers available are in blue, drivers out with deliveries are in green, drivers overdue are in red.  The overdue time is controlled in Configuration/Order Types/Deliveries and is calculated by adding the expected delivery time per run to the alert time for drivers out too long.

Drivers are displayed in a rotating order on the list, meaning that the most recently returned driver will be at the bottom of the list.  

Drivers who are out will have a timer display the HH:MM since they were assigned.

Use the Activate Driver button to add other eligible employees to the drivers list.

Assign Button

The Assign Button enables you to assign an order to a driver.  Select the order, or multiple orders, and the driver, and press Assign.

Note:  Although you can assign orders to drivers who are considered out, it is preferable to Return between each order for proper recording of delivery times.  

Note:  If security is set properly, you can assign without logging in. 

Return Button

The Return Button enables you to indicate that a driver has returned from a delivery.  Select the driver name, and press Return.   

It is advisable to press Return immediately upon completing a delivery for proper recording of delivery times.  

Note: If security is set properly, you can assign without logging in.

Activate Driver Button

Activate Driver Screen

The Activate Driver Button activates the Activate Driver Screen, which enables you to manage the list of drivers displayed on the Dispatch screen.

By default, all employees who are clocked on to job types which are set to display on the Dispatch screen are shown on the drivers list.

The Activate Driver screen shows these employees on the right side.  On the left side are shown additional employees who are clocked on to job types eligible to be activated as a driver.  

To Activate a driver, select their name from the left list and press the arrow to move them to the right list.   That driver will now appear on the dispatch screen.

To Deactivate a driver, select their name from the right list and press the arrow to move them to the left list.   That driver will no longer appear on the dispatch screen.

Note:  A driver must Close Shift before you can Deactivate them.

When complete, press the Close button.

In Process Button

In Process Screen

The In Process Button activates the Deliveries In Process screen, which shows all the tickets currently assigned to drivers.  

From this screen, the Unassign function allows you to undo the driver assignment, returning the order to the Pending Deliveries list.

Press the Close button to return to the Delivery Dispatch screen.

Unassign Button

The Unassign Button allows you to undo a delivery ticket assignment.  Select the order from the Deliveries In Process list, and press Unassign.  The order will be returned  to the Pending Deliveries List on the Delivery Dispatch Screen, and will no longer be assigned to the driver.  

Note: Depending on security set up, this function may require authorization.

Driver Status Button

The Driver Status button gives access to driver banking functions, including Assign Bank, Drops, Settling tickets, and Close Shift.  

Select a driver name from the driver's list, and press Driver Status. 

For details on this function, see the Driver/Server Details Help.

Alert: Driver Starting Bank Required

This alert indicates that the driver is required to accept a starting bank before being assigned a delivery.

Select the driver name, and press Driver Status

Press the Assign Bank button.

Recall The recall button will recall the last ticket selected on the dispatch screen.
Reprint The reprint button will prompt you to reprint the selected ticket.  You have the option to print the kitchen ticket, customer receipt, local, all or none.
Clear The clear button will clear the active ticket.   NOTE:  Any changes made to the ticket will not be saved.
ZSort The Z Sort button will resort the list  according to customer zone.   Pressing this button again will return the sort to the chronological default.
Map All Maps all active deliveries 
Traffic Displays any real-time traffic alerts in the radius you specified.   Traffic alerts will appear with a yellow, orange or red triangle on the map.  You may need to zoom out to view any alerts. 

Note: The traffic button will appear only if traffic alerts currently exist in your specified area.   Real time traffic alerts may not be available in all areas. 

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