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Driver / Server Details


The Driver Details and Server Details Screens enable you to track and settle individual tickets assigned to a delivery driver or a server.   These screens report on the total money the employee is responsible for, and let you close out that employee's shift.

Driver/Server Banking functions enable you to keep track of individual tickets that servers or drivers are collecting money for in order to reconcile money owed at the end of the shift.    Below is an overview of the process:

  • For drivers, this function is accessed from the Dispatch screen, select the driver, and press the Driver Status button.

  • For Servers, this function is access from the Orders screen, select the server, and press the Server Status button.

  • Start the shift by assigning starting cash to the driver or server, using the Assign Bank function

  • Take orders &/or assign deliveries throughout the shift

  • As needed to reduce cash carried, perform a Drop using the Drop function

  • Throughout the shift, or at the end of the shift, settle individual tickets using the Settle function to indicate the amount tendered, the tip amount, and the tender type.

  • At the end of the shift, ensure that all tickets are settled, then press the Close Shift button

  • Count all cash and other tender types on hand, entering them in the Close Shift screen.  This should include everything previously dropped.

  • The Close Shift function will indicate if the proper amount has been entered.  If not, consider recounting, re-settling tickets, or accepting an over/short amount.

  • View the financial summary on the Close Shift screen to determine the tips &/or fees due to the employee, and the amount the employee owes the restaurant.

  • Press the Close Shift button to transfer the amount owed to the proper safe location.  The Close Shift report will print.

  • Clock out of the system.

Note: If the Server Status button does not appear on the bottom of the orders screen, it is because Server Banking is not activated.  Go to Configuration/Order types/Table to activate it.

Field Name

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Financial Summary Screen (both for drivers & servers)

The Financial Summary screen gives drivers or servers an overview of the financial status of their shift, shows the details of each ticket they are responsible for, and gives access to banking functions such as Settle Tickets, Assign Bank, Drop, and Close Shift

 For drivers, this screen also shows performance statistics.

Settle Button
Settle Screen

The Settle Button activates the Settle Screen, which displays open tickets on the left, and a tender screen on the right.    To settle a ticket:

 Select the ticket by touching it.  It will turn color to indicate it is active.

 Enter the amount tendered and the tender type

Any amount entered that is greater than the ticket total will be added to the Tip field.  

NOTE: If integrated credit is used, touch "Swipe card" prior to selecting the tender type and the card can be swiped. OR, if the tender type button is pressed, you can enter a card manually from the Card Entry screen.

 The Balance field on the ticket will update.  If a sufficient amount has been entered, the balance will show 0.00.  If not, enter additional tender amount and another tender type.

 Once the balance shows 0.00 the ticket is settled and will turn a different color.  

With integrated credit in use, you can edit the tips on settled ticket without undoing the settle.

Press the Close button to return to the Financial Summary screen. 

Note:  If your configuration/orders/delivery set up is set to automatically settle delivery tickets, all tickets will appear as settled for exact cash. 

Note:  Tender restrictions and surcharges do not automatically apply in the settle process.   To enforce a restriction or surcharge, use the "pre-arrange" tender feature. 

Alert:  Ticket already settled

This alert indicates that the ticket you have selected has already been settled.  Press Undo to erase all tendering information.   Press Cancel to return to the settle screen.  

NOTE: Undo will void all integrated credit card transactions.

Assign Cash button

Assign Cash screen

The Assign Cash button activates the Assign Cash screen, which enables an employee to record any starting cash they are responsible for.

The default amount for that employee type (driver or server) will display.    Enter the employee log on ID and press Enter to accept the assignment. 

Based on security set up, the default amount may be changed.   Click on the amount field to select it, and enter a new amount using the keypad.  

If security authorization is required to change the amount, enter the authorized employee's ID on the keypad.  

The Assign Cash receipt will print.  The employee accepting the cash should sign the receipt and leave it with the register or safe where the cash came from.   

Drop Button

Drop Screen

The Drop button activates the Drop screen, which enables the employee to leave excess cash.  

The recommend drop is displayed based on the total amount of cash  the employee has on hand, less any initial assigned cash.  

Enter the amount of the drop using the keypad, or press the EX key to accept the recommend drop.    Select the tender type,  and press Drop to complete the drop .  

You can not drop more than cash (or whatever tender type) is on hand.  

 A drop receipt will print for the person accepting the money to sign.  The employee should keep this receipt as a record of the drop.  

The Drop Report button lets you view and print a report of all drops made during that shift.

 Note:  The drop will transfer to the cash location specified in Config - Tax/Tender/Cash.  If no location is specified, the employee  is still considered responsible for the money until the shift is closed.  When counting totals at the end of shift, the dropped amount should be included.

Unassign Button The Unassign button allows you, with proper security, to unassign a delivery even if it has been returned.     Select the ticket, then press Unassign.  The ticket will be restored to the Dispatch screen as an open ticket.
Reprint Close Button The reprint close button enables you to view and print a historical "Close Shift" report for the driver or server.

Print Report (from Financial Summary or Settle Screens)

The Driver/Server Status report is printed when this button is pressed.  This report shows all the tickets as displayed on the Financial Summary screen, as well as the Financial Summary information.

 The report will print on the Local printer for the station, and is formatted for a 40 column (receipt) printer.

Financial Summary information (on Financial Summary Screen OR Close Shift screen)

The Financial Summary is an accounting for the employee's shift.  It includes the following:

Order Total:  Includes the total of all orders the employee is responsible for, including any taxes, discounts, and delivery fees.

 Plus Tips:  Includes all tips reported including auto gratuity.

Plus Cash Assigned:  Includes any money assigned using the Assign Cash function

Less Tips Owed:  Subtracts any tips owed to the employee.  This field is controlled by configurations in order set up / delivery and order set up / table which indicate whether employees keep tips and auto gratuity.

Less Fees Owed:  Subtracts any delivery fees owed to the employee, as specified in employee job types set up.

Total Due:  The total of the above fields indicates the amount due to the restaurant.

 Drops Made:  Indicates amount previously dropped.

On Hand:  Indicates the amount on hand.  This is calculated as Order Total plus Tips plus Cash Assigned Less Drops.

Coupons Expected:  Indicates the number of coupons expected based on orders where coupons were used.  

Starting, Ending Mileage:  Click on these fields to modify your starting or ending mileage, if "Prompt for mileage" is used.

Close Shift Button (Financial Summary Screen; Settle Screen)

The Close Shift Button activates the Close Shift screen, where final accounting occurs.  

If using integrated credit, you may get a warning that you have tickets without tips.  To proceed anyway, press CANCEL on this warning.

Close Shift Screen

The Close Shift Screen enables the employee to verify the amount collected for each tender type, reconcile the amounts, and close their shift.

 To Close Shift:

All tender types are listed on the screen.   Tenders which were used during the shift are colored blue.

 Click on the first tender type to highlight it yellow.  Then, enter the counted amount using the keypad in the upper left, and press Enter.  

Tip:  Use the "Cash Count" screen to enter a numeric count of each type of bill or coin you have.  The system will add these for you.

If you've entered the correct amount, a green check will appear, and you can move on to the next tender type.

 If you've entered an incorrect amount, a red X will appear and the expected amount will display.    To correct this, recount the money on hand.  If necessary, click on the tender field again to edit the amount entered.   Press the Re-settle button to return to the settle screen and change the amount tendered for any ticket.

Once all tender types have green checks, the Close Shift button will be active.  Press this button to close the shift.

If a tender type can not be reconciled, it may be necessary to enter an Over/Short.  Press the Over/Short button to record the error.   Short amounts will be deducted from tips and from driver fees before being recorded as a Short.  The close shift button will now be active.

ReSettle Button

 The Resettle button returns to the settle screen so that any errors in settling tickets can be reconciled.

Over/Short Button

The Over/Short button records any discrepancy between the amount counted for a tender and the amount expected. 

Shorts are first deducted from reported tips

If tips are not enough to cover the short, fees are then deducted.

If tips & fees are not enough to cover the short, the amount is recorded in the Over/Short field and is deducted from the Amount Owed.

Shorts are recorded and reported on.

Overs are added to tips reported.

Cancel button (Close shift screen)

The Cancel button returns to the Financial Summary screen without recording any of the close shift accounting.

Close Shift Button (Close Shift Screen)
Close Shift Transfer Screen

The Close Shift button finalizes the Close Shift accounting and activates the Close Shift Transfer Screen.

At this time, the amount due is transferred to the appropriate cash location.   Depending on system set-up, the location may be defaulted, or you may need to  select the location from the drop down list, and press OK.   

Note: If you have tips to pay in excess of the cash on hand (due to excessive credit card orders), you can choose an alternate location where that cash will be paid from.  For instance, the close may transfer to the safe but the cash to pay tips will come from the register.

 The Close Shift report will print at this time.

Note: The Close Shift button is not available from the Close Shift screen unless all tender types have been reconciled by entering the proper amount (indicated by a green check) or accepting an Over/Short.

Print Worksheet This function is not implemented at this time.

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