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Options Screen


 The options screen provides access to various miscellaneous functions within the POS.

Field Name

Help on this field

Open Drawer

The Open Drawer button opens the cash drawer for this station.   

Close Register

The Close Register button enables you to quickly close the cash register.    The Close Register screen will display the current calculated balance.   Enter a new starting balance, which is the amount of cash left in the drawer for the next shift.   Press OKAY.  The register is now closed.  A report will display which can be printed.  

Note: If any tips have been entered via the tender :screen, you will be prompted to:

  • Pay tips to the Server - this will print a report for each employee who took an order with tips detailing the breakdown of their tips.  This will also be added to the employee's payroll report (unless "Declare tips at clock off" is activated)

  • Pay tips - this will assume that the tips are being paid out but will not assign them to a particular server

  • Retain tips - this will assume the tips are staying with the register totals.

 Note:  The register must be reconciled using the �Reconcile Register� function via the Manager�s Home Page before it can be closed again.  Reconciling the register ensures that the actual amount of money matches the system calculated amount.  

Once the register is closed, you have the option to "Unclose" the register via the "close register" button.  This is helpful if you start to reconcile and realize that you forgot to void a ticket, enter a paid-out, or some other transaction that affects your register totals. 

Misc. Charge (Button / Screen)

The Misc. Charge button activates the Misc. Charge screen, which enables you to add a charge of any amount to the current ticket.  Enter a description of the charge and a dollar amount, and press the Enter button.    

To remove a Misc. Charge from a ticket, activate the Misc. Charge screen again, and press the "Remove" button. 

Note:  You can not have a ticket with nothing but a misc. charge.   To work around this limitation, order an item, such as a drink.  Then apply the misc. charge.  Save the ticket.  Recall the ticket and void the drink.  Then you can use Finish to tender the ticket for just the misc. charge amount.

Non Tax Sale (Button / Screen)

The Non Tax Sale button activates the Non Tax Sale screen, which enables you to sell an item or an entire ticket without the calculated tax.   Select an item, press the non-tax sale button, and enter a reason for the non-tax sale.  The individual item will not be taxed.  If no item is selected, the entire ticket will not be taxed.  

To remove the non-tax sale designation, select the line on the virtual ticket which declares it as a non-tax sale. You will be prompted to remove it.

Training Mode  The training mode button will put this station into "Training mode".  Orders and other cash transactions will not be included in any reports while in training mode.  The ticket numbers will begin at 9000.    

To exit training mode, simply press the button again.    Exiting the program or going to Manager Home will automatically stop training mode.

Coupon The coupon button brings up a screen which lets you enter an Offer Code or pick from a drop down list.  The Offer Code is referenced on the 2nd page of the Special Pricing set up.   Any normal coupon restrictions will apply. 

Tip:  Use this shortcut to track different coupons placed in different advertising venues.  Rather than putting different buttons on the screen, print the coupon with a code.   Ask your customer to present the coupon with the code number in order to activate it. 

Paid In / Out (Button)

The Paid In /Out button activates the Paid In / Paid Out screen which enables you to record money paid in or out of the register

Deferred The Deferred button allows you to specify the current order as deferred until a later date.     You must look up a customer before marking an order as deferred. 

Enter the time and date the customer wants the order (the promise time) and the time and date the order should print (prior to the promise time).  Also you can add a 2nd, earlier print time for notification.   

Depending on your system setup, you may see user defined deferred fields, and you can enter deferred notes.

You can make an existing deferred order into an open order by pressing the "Clear" button. 

The "Print time" is used to validate the store hours, delivery time, and special offer validity. 

Account Pay The Account Pay button allows you to accept payment on a Customer Account.  Select the account from the drop down list and Pay now.  Select the full amount or a lesser amount on the tender screen and pay with any tender type. 
Reprints The Reprints button allows you to select and reprint (to the local printer) a number of miscellaneous transactions including account pay, gift certificate sales, paid ins and paid outs.   

Select the transaction type and date to find the transaction.  Then select the transaction and press reprint.

Split The Split button opens the Split Ticket screen, which enables you to select items on your virtual ticket and move them to 1 or 2 new tickets.  Press DONE to save the new tickets, or press Pay Now to tender an individual ticket.  Once tendered, you will be returned to the split screen.  For your final items on the virtual ticket, press "DONE" to tender. 

The "Split Item" button allows you to split an item (such as an appetizer) between multiple tickets, or split an item which was ordered using the quantity button.   Select the item, press 'Split item' and then enter the number of splits.  Then you can move the resulting portions to the other tickets.

Tip:  Once split tickets are saved, they will receive a new ticket number. If the original ticket was opened a while ago, the new ticket numbers may not be in sequence. 



The E-mail button activates the employee e-mail function

Instant Message

The Instant Message button enables you to manage and create instant messages

Multiple Pricing If Multiple Pricing is enabled, click here to select a pricing scheme for this order.  The scheme can be changed at any time during the order.
Production Enables user to mark this order as a "production" order, commonly used to send an order to the kitchen to replenish buffet or slice areas.    This will mark prices as zero and close the order, not counting the order in most reports but performing an inventory deduction and printing a ticket in the kitchen labled as a "production requisition". 

Production orders are reported on the "Production Requisition" report and can be alerted on Manager home. 

Register Drop Enables a  transfer of a specified tender amount from this register to the specified cash location.

Enter the drop amount, tender type and cash location, then press "Register Drop".  This will print a receipt for the drop amount.  

The Register Drop report on this screen allows you to review previous drops and reprint if needed.

Drops will also appear as Transfers on the Register report and the Transfers report.

Waste Enables the user to mark this order as "waste", deducting from inventory without adding to sales.  This is reported on the Waste Report.


Close the options screen and returns to the POS system

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