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Options - Instant Message Screen:

The Instant Message function enables quick communication to all stations.   Instant messages are sometimes sent by the system to notify users of system status; they can also be sent by users.                                     

Field Name

Help on this field


The expiration date indicates when the message will disappear from the stations if not deleted.  It defaults to today.


This field enables you to send the message to ALL stations, or to an individual workstation

Store For systems set as a "call center" this allows you to choose ALL or individual stores to broadcast the message to.
Flash Checking the FLASH box will make the message flashing for extra attention.


Enter the message text

Send button

The send button finalizes the message and sends it to the stations

Cancel button

The cancel button cancels the message

Current messages list

The current message list displays all active instant messages.  Click on one to display its full text above

New message button

The new message button enables you to create a new instant message

Delete button

The delete button deletes the selected instant message on one or all stations.

Close button

The close button closes the instant message screen.

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