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Release 07_02_06_03


  • When viewing an order in full review it will now display all discounts, coupons, messages, and items on the order.
  • Deferred orders will now show in the the "today's orders" view. For example: If an order was placed on 12/02 and is due on 12/18, on 12/18 the deferred order will show as due.

Resolved Issues FireFly:

  • In Manger-Config-Order Types-Common Setup, an issue with adding new valid sections was corrected.
  • There was an issue where some coupons with an apostrophe in the name was not applying to the order.
  • Addressed an issue where some gift cards were not processing properly when swiped.
  • Corrected issue with topping based pricing not calculating extra items properly. 
  • Corrected issues with substitutions and inclusions calculating price properly.
  • In some cases if an online deferred order was processed with a tip and then edited; the tip would process as part of the order amount instead of the tip amount. 
  • Corrected an issue where deferred order numbers were not incrementing properly when the order was made "live". The order number would still be the number that was assigned the day the order was placed instead of respecting the numbers in place when it went live.
  • Updated California OT calculations.

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