Track Driver Mileage Using Google

To track your driver's mileage using Google maps you'll need to activate Google Maps by going to Manager > Configuration > Employees > Employee Configuration.

Tracking mileage can be set up per job type. Any job type in your system that can take a delivery should be set up the same way. Select the job type you wish to edit.

After you have selected the "Job Type" click the "Track Mileage" checkbox and under "Tracking Option" click on Google Maps.

If you are paying your drivers just for mileage and no fees, select "Mileage" under the "Driver Fee Method".

Enter the amount per mileage you wish to pay.

Be sure to save your changes. Repeat the steps above for each job type you wish to track mileage.

The mileage will automatically track and update on the driver's status in the dispatch screen.

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