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To Void an Item or Ticket

Recall the ticket, if the order is not active in the virtual ticket

Select the item you wish to void

To void the whole ticket, select the total line (in the light blue area below the ticket)

Press the void button  

Enter the ID of an employee who is authorized to perform the void, if needed.

Select "Made" or "Unmade" if required (if inventory tracking is used)

Enter a reason if required

Press the �Finish� button to save the void and print a void notice in the kitchen (optional).   

If the ticket still has a balance due, the tender screen will appear.  If not, the ticket will be automatically closed.

To "Undo" a Void

Select the voided item, and press the Undo Void button

Refunded tickets can not be "undone"

To Cancel without saving your voids

Ensure that nothing is selected by pressing the "Next" icon OR, if the entire ticket is selected, touch the Total area (in the light blue area below the ticket) to de-select the ticket

Press the Clear button

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