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Troubleshooting Inventory

Q: How do I account for removal of an item, such as
“No Cheese”?
A: If the item is set up as an“inclusion” (i.e. the Cheese button lights up yellow when you take the order) it will automatically be removed if you deselect it for your order. However, if you currently use a “message” type button for “No Cheese” you will need to replace this message button with a No Cheese item. The No Cheese item should have a negative value defined for the cheese ingredient, so it will cancel out the cheese deduction. The No Cheese item can have $0.00 as its price.

Q: What can I do to speed up the process?
A: Unfortunately, setting up inventory does take time. However there are several things you can do to maximize your efficiency.
  • Make sure to set up default ingredients at the category level.
  • Use “inclusions” on items so you won’t have to set up detailed ingredients repetitively.
  • Use “recipe” ingredients to shortcut the set up. Consider setting up a recipe for kits such as “Large Paper Products” which may include the box, the box holder, napkins, foil, etc. Then you won’t have to set each of these individually.
  • Focus on the most important, high cost items. Few restaurants keep track of every single ingredient. If you inventory your cheeses, meats, dough balls, bottled drinks, etc. you will capture the most benefit with the least effort.

Q: When I take a fractional pizza order, I am getting
double deduction for dough, sauce and
A: Make sure that you have checked the “base item” box for your dough, sauce, cheese and similar ingredients. This will tell the system to only deduct them when the item is serving as the “base item” in the order. For fractional orders, one item will be selected as the “base item”.

Q: When taking an order, I manually added
“Jalapenos” to a specialty pizza, but they didn’t
A: Make sure that the topping item “Jalapenos” has the proper ingredients set up, and that the base item box is NOT checked for Jalapenos. This will indicate that it should be deducted even when added to a specialty pizza.

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