Create a Simple Offer

Adding a New Offer
1. Navigate to Manager Home / Configuration / Special Pricing
2. Click on the “Add” button
3. Give your new offer a name. Type the name again in the “Display Name” field
4. Be sure to check the “Active” button
5. Type a description if desired
6. Select the offer type (Discount, Comp, Coupon or Promo)
7. Save your offer

Configuring Basic Offer Value
1. Click on the “General Value” link at the top of the offer screen.
2. The top portion of this screen is not required.
3. On the bottom half of the screen, check if this offer will be applied to a specific item (such
as 1 pizza) or to the entire order (such as $2 off your order).
4. Check if this offer is a $ off, % off or Fixed Price.
5. Enter the value of the offer.
6. For discounts and comps, you can enter a default amount,
but allow employees to change the default up to a maximum
Examples of Simple Offers:
♦ $2 off your order
♦ 50% Employee Comp on order
♦ 100% Manager Comp on item
♦ 10% Senior Discount

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