Limiting Offer Validity

Now that you’ve created a simple offer you are ready to try some of the Advanced features.
The first “Advanced” page lets you control when and how an offer becomes valid.

Valid Dates, Days, Times and Order Types
It’s simple to limit your offer validity to a certain date range, certain times of day, days of
the week, or for certain order types.
Examples of Validity Restrictions:
♦ Happy hour pricing from 4 pm—6 pm
♦ Senior Day 10% off on Tuesday only.
♦ October Special—$2 off pick up orders

More Validity Options:
Customer Groups allow you to limit offers only to customers who belong to a particular
group, such as a school or charity. Create a group for employees and families, for VIP
customers, or employees of key local businesses to give them discounts. Make sure that
the “ALL” groups box is checked if you do not want to limit by group.

Minimum Purchase Required
Allows you to create offers such as “Buy one get one free
entrée with $20 purchase”, $5 off your order with $15 purchase, etc. The “Before” or
“After” discount setting controls whether the minimum applies before or after the discount.

Not Valid with Other Offers.
Check this box to limit the use of this offer when other offers are also being used, either for an individual item or an entire order. You can further control this to specify whether other coupons, comps, promos or discounts are allowed. For example, you may wish to limit the use of two coupons on 1 item, but allow the use of a “Comp” on an item that already had a coupon applied.

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