Choosing Offer Requirements

Many offers require that the customer purchase specific items. The Advanced Inclusions screen is where you can set up the specific item requirements for your offer.
1. Select the first required item from your list of items on the left. You can select a specific item, a category, or an entire department
2. Configure the item on the right. Choose the required size, quantity, and topping quantity for your item.
3. Click on the “ADD” button
4. Repeat the process for additional required items.
If you offer choices, you can change the “AND” function to an “OR” function which allows you to create of group of possible selections (all must be within the same department. Choices of separate departments require separate coupons). On this screen, we select ALL items which must be ordered for the offer to be valid, even if not all the items will be discounted.
Example 1: Large Pizza $3 off. Select 1 item from the “Pizza” department. Set size >= Large No changes to topping count “ADD” and “Save”

Example 2: Free Breadsticks with purchase of 2 Large 2 topping pizzas. Select Pizza department
Set size >= Large Quantity = 2, Topping count at least 2, ADD Select Breadsticks from Appetizer dept. No size selection, no topping count selection. Quantity = 1. ADD, Save
Example 3: 2 Medium Hawaiian or Pepperoni Plus for $18. Select 1 Hawaiian, size = Medium, Quantity = 1. ADD Select 1 Pepperoni Plus, size = Medium, Quantity = 1. Choose OR, then ADD
Specify that 2 items must be selected from this group. Save.

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