Handling Exclusions

The Exclusions feature allows you to exclude certain items from the offer validity. This can
be used in two primary ways:
1. To limit individual items which are normally a part of the group you have selected. For
example, if your offer is valid on all Specialty Pizzas except for the Cheese Only.
In this case you would specify the category “Specialty Pizza” as valid, then press the “Exclusions” button and select the “Cheese Only” on this list.

2. To limit certain items which are not included in an overall % discount. For example, if you
offer a 10% discount to seniors, but wish to exclude alcohol. Even without specifying any
“Included” items you can press “Exclusions” and pick the Alcohol department(s).

Limiting Valid Crust Types:
Another way to limit your selection is to specify valid sizes and crust types. When picking
the correct size for each included item, the “Other” details button lets you get really
specific. To use this screen, check all valid sizes and crust types. For example, you
may wish to select the Golden or Stuffed but not Original crust.

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