Configuring Advanced Value

The next “Advanced” screen lets you specify the “Value” that applies to each included items.
1. Pick the first item on your inclusions list on the left.
2. In the top, middle box, specify the quantity of this item that will be discounted (usually 1).
(The size does not usually need to be specified again here)
3. In the top, right box, choose the type of value. This can be a $ amount, % off, a fixed
price, or choose to use the price of a different size.
4. Next enter the value amount.
5. Press the “ADD” button back over in the middle box.
6. Continue to configure your remaining items
7. Press Save.
A few words of advice here. Try to avoid the fixed price option if you will be allowing customers
to modify their selections greatly. For instance, if your offer is something like “Buy a
Large Pizza, get a Medium 2 topping for $5” you could select the Medium 2 top and set it as a
fixed price of $5. However, if the customer adds a 3rd topping, they will still be charged only
In this case, you are better off calculating the $ amount of the suggested discount. If your
Medium 2-top is regularly $8, enter a $3 off value. Now the customer can add a topping and
pay the extra topping price.
But what happens if they only want 1 topping? Maybe you don’t want to give them the full $3
discount because they are not buying a 2 top in the first place. In this case, you could set the
value as $5 fixed price, then use the field “Max item discount” to limit the maximum discount
amount to $3.
Example 1: Large Pizza $3 off.

Example 2: Free Breadsticks with purchase of 2 Large 2 topping pizzas.

Example 3: 2 Medium Hawaiian or Pepperoni Plus for $18.

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