More on Value

The Advanced Value screen has a few other fields worth knowing about:
1. Max item discount: This field lets you control the maximum discount for 1 item within the offer. Used for fixed price and % off offers.
2. Max times to apply this offer: This field lets you control how many times the offer can apply to an order.
3. Max value of the offer: This field lets you control the total value of the offer for all items. Obviously isn’t necessary when it’s a $$ off type offer but can be useful for % discount and fixed price offers.
4. Apply to “Lowest” or “Highest” priced item: Controls which items on the ticket this offer will apply to. For example, “Buy 1 large, get a free small”. Customer orders a Large, a Small Pepperoni ($7) and a Small Cheese Only ($5). Do you want the free pizza to be the Pepperoni
(highest) or the Cheese (lowest)?
5. Free Delivery: Changes the delivery fee to 0 (and says “Free Delivery” on the ticket) if the order is a delivery order. This can be used even if you haven’t specified valid items or any other options on this screen. For instance, you might have a very simple 100% off comp and include free delivery.

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