Tips for Applying Offers

Offers can be applied to an order in 4 primary ways:
1. Use a menu button
2. Use the “Discount” screen
3. Auto Apply
4. Use the Options / Coupon screen to enter the offer code.
1. Menu Button
Create a menu button tied to the offer. See page 5 for more information on how to do this.
2. Click on the “Discount” button below the virtual ticket to see all offers which are type “Discount” or “Comp”.
3. Auto Apply—set the offer to auto apply in Configuration / Advanced.
4. Using offer codes is a great way to ensure accurate coupon tracking. Enter an alphanumeric
code in the set up area as shown below. Then, in the POS, click on Options, Coupon and enter the code to apply the coupon.

Applying Offer in Quantity:
If you have ordered an item with the
“Quantity” button, you might want to apply a coupon in quantity as well. Apply the coupon
once using the menu button, discount button OR Coupon code. Then, with the item
selected on the virtual ticket, touch the coupon line. It will highlight in light blue. Then
touch the Quantity button and enter the # of times you wish the coupon to apply.
You can also use the + button below the menu to apply a coupon multiple times using a
coupon button.

Removing Offers:

♦ Uncheck the offer button OR
♦ Select the item on the virtual ticket, then select the offer. It will highlight in light blue.
Press the Clear button to delete this offer.

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