What about Security

Limiting who can apply discounts and comps is an important part of your overall
cash management & security policy. Phoenix offers you several levels of security for your
offers. Security is tied to the “Discount” button. On this screen you will see a list of Discounts and
Comps. So if you have an offer which needs security on who can apply it, make it a discount
or a comp. Limit access to the discount screen by setting the security for employee workgroups in Configuration / Security. If you have certain discounts or comps that all employees can use,
put these on your menu with a button. Further control your security by setting a limit to the % discount that an employee is authorized for. This is also set on the Configuration / Security screen. This may mean that an employee can get to the discount screen and apply a 50% comp, but not a 100% comp. Both access to the discount screen and the overall % limits are subject to manager override if needed. Requiring certain offers to be entered by coupon code rather than a menu button also helps to prevent unauthorized use by customers and employees.
Also, limiting the ability of employees to modify a dispatched delivery will prevent the unauthorized
addition of coupons after the delivery is complete.

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