Reporting and Analysis

How well are your coupons working? Phoenix gives you the reporting tools to evaluate them.
The first step is to ensure that you are tracking coupons individually. Make sure to set up separate offers for each media outlet, so you can analyze where your advertising dollars are most effective. Organize your coupon screen so that employees can easily determine which offer to apply. Issuing a unique offer code and applying offers by this code is a great way to ensure accurate tracking.
The Special Price Summary Report gives you a good overview of which offers are getting redeemed. The Special Price Detail Report lets you analyze individual orders for each offer.
Another way to slice your offer data is to analyze which customers redeem certain offers. You
can used the Advanced Search features in the Manage Customer area to select customers who
use coupons on a regular % of their orders, or those who have redeemed a particular offer.
What about those offers that you don’t really count as offers—those that are just a part of your
normal pricing? When setting up the offer, on the first screen, you can check the “Don’t report
as a special offer” box. This will keep these offers from adding to your total offer reporting.

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