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Applying Offers to Credit Customers

  Thr!ve gives you the ability to apply offers to individual customers to be redeemed on a future visit. This is great for offering an individual customers a “Comp” if you make a mistake, and also to reward customers for their business. For instance, you could search for customers who ordered more than 10 times last month and credit them with a free appetizer on their next order. What a nice surprise! Best of all, once the customer uses “their” offer, it will be automatically removed from their record so they can’t use it again.

Crediting Customers with An Offer
To apply an offer to a customer or group of  customers:
1. First set up the offer in your system.
2. Go to Manage Customers and search for your customer or list of customers.
3. Press Apply Offer button
4. Select the offer and press the "Select" button

5.  Enter a note explaining the credit:

Now each customer is credited with that offer. When you look up the customer in the POS, you will have the option to apply the offer or save it for a future order.

Using the Credited Offer
In the POS system, look up the customer.   You'll see a prompt that lists any available offers.  

All normal offer restrictions apply based on the offer you set up. If you auto apply the offer, it will apply once you have ordered any required items. You can report on the effectiveness of this by reviewing the “Customer Credit Summary” under Operations reports. The customer credit detail report will show you who applied the offer and why.

  If you don't apply the offer immediately but wish to do so later, select the customer from the top of the ticket to bring up the Customer View screen. Click on the "Avail.Credits" button to bring up the credit prompt again.

Reporting on Customer Credits

You can report on credited offers by viewing the  “Customer Credit Summary” under Operations reports.
The Customer Credit Detail report will show you who applied the offer and why.

Removing Credits from Customers
If you accidentally apply a credit to a set of customers and wish to remove it,  navigate to Manager Home > Configuration > Special Offers.
Select the offer you wish to remove and click Edit.

At the bottom of the screen select the button "Customers Credited".

This screen will give you the option to remove the credited offer from some or all customers.


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