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Multiple Pricing

Sometimes, you wish to change prices on a number of items for a given situation — something
much more extensive than just a coupon. That’s where the Multiple Pricing feature
comes in. This feature allows you to create a whole new pricing scheme for your existing menu items to be implemented “on demand” for individual orders. This is great for school pricing, hotel
pricing, etc. To set up Multiple Pricing:
1. Go to Configuration / General / Store Set Up and click on “Activate Multiple Pricing”
2. Go to Configuration / Items. Click on the Alternate pricing button and “Add New” to create a new pricing scheme. Give it a name, such as “Hotel Prices”. Save the scheme.
3. Now, choose the items you wish to modify. You can choose a category level if you wish, such as “Pizza Toppings”. Edit, click on Pricing.
4. Now you will see a “Alternate Pricing” field. IT will show ‘Default’. Select your new “Hotel Prices”
5. The pricing matrix can now be edited from your default prices. Save these prices for
your Hotel pricing scheme. In the POS, to activate the alternate pricing:
1. Take an order
2. Select Options / Multiple Pricing
3. Select the alternate scheme of
your choice
4. The prices will now change. The pricing scheme will show at the top of the virtual ticket.
Touch on the pricing scheme name to change it back.

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