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Auto Update Your POS System

Check Your Version:
To see which version you are currently on navigate to Manager > Configuration > General > POS Version.

If the POS Version number is below what our Current Release notes state then you will need to update.

Update Your System:
TIp: Updates can only be performed Sunday 9pm -Thursday 6am, and only if there are no open credit card batches.
  1. Log into the system with a user that has an owner security level as the security settings prevent a manager or lower from updating software.
  2. Navigate to Manager > Manager Alerts > Click on the hyperlink that states "Last Update  XXXX-XX-XX." If you have never done an update the hyperlink will state "No previous updates found."

    Tip: If the Manager Alerts tab is not on the manager home screen then you can add it by clicking on "New Content" > check the "Manager Alerts" checkbox > Save > Refresh your screen.

    If you click on "Customize" you can have the system send you an alert when there are updates. You can either have it display on the clock-in screen or send an email or both. You can set the frequency of the alerts to every time you clock-in, when there is a data change, or at the end of every day. To read more on customizing content on the manager page click here.
  3. When you click on the update hyperlink a window will popup asking if you would like to check for new updates. Click "Yes"

  4. Once the system is done looking for an update, the manager home page will update and the manager alerts tab will now say " Auto Update Is Available."

  5. Click on the hyperlink "Auto Update Is Available." A popup will ask you if you want to update to the newest version and give an estimate of how long it will take to update.

  6. Once the update is complete; reboot each station by navigating to Manager Home > Exit > You will be taken to the desktop > Click on System at the top of the screen > Shut Down

    > Restart. The station will reboot and the install will be complete.

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