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Customizing Your Manager Screen

The manager home screen can be customized specifically to your needs as a manager. Each manager may have different needs so each manager can customize their screen their own way.

To setup your manager home screen navigate to Manager Home

Starting with a blank slate you can click on the "New Content" button to add modules to the screen.

A window will appear with a list of available modules.

Select the modules you'd like the see on the manager screen and click "Close" the screen will refresh and they will display on the screen.

Tip: You can move the modules around on the screen to organize them as you please.  If you want to remove a module click on the X at the top of the module and it'll be deleted.

The manager alerts and reports modules can be customized to be more or less detailed. This is done by clicking on the "Customize" button.

Manager Alerts:
You can choose to have alerts displayed, or emailed to you.   For email, you can choose to receive always, or only when you are clocked in.  For example,  an owner may wish to always receive alerts for voids, but a manager may only want to monitor late employees on the days he/she is working.  The frequency in which these alerts are sent can be set to only when there is an actual change, every hour, or at the end of every day.

Tip:  Sending emails requires a valid e-mail setup in the store configuration.   Manager Alerts are configured per employee, and will be sent to the "External email" address in that employee record.  

You can add quick links to important reports by clicking on "Customize" and selecting the reports you wish to add to the module.

Once you select the reports you wish to add and customize the manager alerts you want to receive click "Close," the screen will refresh and display your changes.

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