Void An Order Paid With Cash

There may be some cases where a customer will place an order, pay for the order, and for any given reason the entire order will need to be voided and a refund will need to be issued. To void an order navigate to the orders screen.

Locate the ticket you wish to perform a void/refund on by doing a search.

You can click on the ticket # and it will load the ticket in the menu screen. Once the ticket is loaded in the menu screen, click the "Total" line at the bottom of the ticket. This will highlight the entire order and the "Void All" button will appear > Click "Void All"

Tip: Voiding is a secure function. If the cashier doesn't have authorization to void, a manager override will be required.

A window will appear asking if the item was already made or unmade. Select which option applies to this order.

Select the reason as to why you're voiding. This is for inventory reasons.  Once you have given a reason click "Submit.

The ticket will update with the new total and a line through the voided item. The ticket will also indicate how much was refunded. Click on "Finish."

The tender screen will appear showing how much should be refunded. Select the tender type that was paid (In this case cash) and click on "Pay."

An alert will remind you to give the customer their refund. Once you click "OK" the screen will refresh and go back to the order screen where the ticket will reflect the new total.

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