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Add A Tip Via Driver Close Process

There are two ways a tip can be added to a ticket. Directly on the order during the order process, or through the delivery process. This article covers how to add a tip for delivery. The tip can easily be added by navigating to the Dispatch Screen > Select the driver who has been assigned the order and click on  "Driver Status"

Click on the Settle button.

Adding a tip to a unsettled order:
All tickets must be settled before tips can be added. Tickets are usually settled in advance, before dispatch,

Adding Tips to Settled Tickets:
If the ticket is already settled; simply click on the ticket you wish to add the tip to > click on the tip box > enter in the amount you wish to add..

Once you have entered the tip amount click the Close button. A message will ask if you want to save the tip. Click OK.

The tip will be added to the ticket and the amount settled will update.

Deleting or Correcting a Tip:
If a mistake was made on a tip you can simply repeat the process above and enter in the correct tip amount or enter in $0.00 > Click on "Update Tips" and it will be corrected.

Tip: If you need to re-tender the entire ticket you can click on "Undo Settle" button and it will reduce the balance back to $0.00 and you can re-enter the correct amount for the ticket and tip.  However, if this ticket was paid by credit card it will reverse the credit authorization. Do not do this on a credit ticket unless you plan to tender to a different tender type.

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