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Release 07_02_07

Major Enhancements:

Sales Builder Tracking: FireFly will now track and report on which employee registered a customer for SalesBuilder, what order types was used, and whether it was an online order or a POS order

New Credit Processing Supported: We now support a new integrated credit processing company called Cayan. Users can select this processor by navigating to Manager > Config > Tax/Tender/Cash > Credit > Select Cayan from the dropdown.   Cayan serves as our gateway to allow you to choose from a variety of credit processors.  To learn more about getting set up with a Cayan account, please contact your account representative or fill out the form on this page:

Other General Enhancements:
  • 675: You can now view our knowledge base right inside of Firefly. Simply click the "Help" button and a window will open up inside the screen you're working on. You can browse articles and close the window at your convenience. 
  • 821: When tendering an order, if you have already processed a partial tender the split button will become inactive. To learn more click here.
  • 815/816: Added "Refund closed ticket from prior day" and "Void entire ticket" to Config > Security
  • 780: When promise times are updated in the POS they will now automatically be updated in Thr!ve Online

Resolved Issues FireFly POS:

  • 832: Addressed an issue where placing an order and applying 2 % off discounts to the order and changing the order type was giving the total a negative amount
  • 802/795: In some rare cases, a credit card swiped on one order was also ran on a subsequent order that was not related to the previous order.  Blocks have been put in place to prevent this.
  • 885: When an order was placed and partially tendered with a gift card and then the tender process was canceled, the amount tendered on the gift card was not canceled.
  • 925: In some cases, when a delivery order's tender type was marked as "Unknown Tender" users were unable to update the tender type on that order to cash or credit.
  • 536: When voiding a ticket that was paid with split tender of cash and credit card, and the credit card contained a tip, the refund amount was not calculating properly.
  • 803: If a user partially tendered a delivery order, then closed the dialog box without finishing the order, the credit authorization would void but the settle amount would still save to the database, resulting in a mismatch.  This has been resolved.
  • 1071: Some online ordering configurations would not process credit cards due to a particular encryption type setting. This was resolved.
  • 726: Corrected an issue with the scrolling marquee message not appearing when the message contained a special character.
Resolved Issues in FireFly Backend:

Browser Compatibility:
  • 674/886: Addressed issues with adding recipes for inventory in Firefox or Chrome
  • 775: Resolved an issue where adding special characters in inclusions and requirements caused them to not display properly
  • 842: When editing the email configurations in Config - General, some fields were not properly updating after save
  • 999: Addressed an issue where the 2nd half of a fractional order was not always displaying on a virtual ticket
  • 866: When delivery charges by zone were saved, duplicate entries were created, resulting in excess delivery fees. This has been resolved.
  • 786: Addressed an issue where adding employees to a daily schedule was only saving the first employee added and negating all subsequently added employees.
  • 776: Addressed issue where the employee's profile was saving without having all of the required fields completed
  • 537: The weekly schedule view was not showing employee availability setting for Sunday.
  • 630: Addressed an error in Manager Alerts - Employee Overdue From Break
  • 737: Fixed spelling error on the customer delete page in Manager - Customers
  • 699: Addressed an issue with the Sales/Order Type by Interval report, where if the report was run for times before the store opened and no sales had been made in the system yet; the placement of the data was off in the report

Minor Releases For This Version:


  • Resolved issues applying coupons to customer orders
  • Resolved issues to prevent modifying settled orders


  • Fixed a size issue with the Change Due dialog in Linux FireFox  


  • Added support for host capture batching for Cayan with Heartland, Nova, 5th 3rd/Vantiv, RBS and Paymenttech
  • Fixed an issue with saving email configuration
  • Fixed an issue with deferred LetsGet orders failing if CVV enabled with PCC
  • No issues for FireFly users
  • Fixed an issue with Invalid Card # w/ Cayan on FF delivery orders allows completing the order w/o tendering  
  • Resolved issues with Thr!ve Online importing multiple prices for single size
  • Improved Server Side Validation for Duplicate Card Swipes
  • Added Tender Type Column to Credit Batch Screens
  • Change Vault enrollment and utilization with Cayan  
  • Resolved issues with Partial balance Gift Cards, Mercury and PC Charge
  • Resolved issues with delivery orders auto void credit
  • Resolved an issue adding a discount to a pre-tendered deferred order
  • Resolved issue with Partial Tender, Inactivate Split button
  • Added a checkpoint when editing delivery orders to confirm that the complete total has been tendered
  • Resolved issue with 100% discounted deliveries were receiving a "Order is not fully tendered" error


  • 1462: The ability to authorize later functionality for credit cards has been added to Cayan
  • 1361: We have made additional checks to make sure a void on a credit card with the following merchants has been successful. Cayan, Bridgepay, and RapidConnect
  • Support for the Mercury Pay Dejavoo device. 
  • Improvements to the N2k data feed for item tax / non taxable items
  • Improvements to Online Order deferred default times.  When inserting an online order, for print time, use the longer of the lead time specified by the online site OR the default online order lead time.   If no additional print time is specified by the online site, use the default.   For normal orders, if outside of daypart hours, calculate promise time by inserting the longest standard promise defined.
  • Fix an issue with credit card batch printing for Mercury (dual MID batches)
  • Enhanced call center function for credit card processing.  Call center will now receive feedback from the receiving store as it processes the credit card, so that call center can recognize card declines.  (FireFly Only)
  • Extend Change Due dialog auto timeout
  • Fixed issue with Advanced Search "30 day" criteria
  • Resolved issues with Credit receipts reprints and voids
  • Resolved issues with adding a new cash drawer
  • Resolved issues with clearing Bar tab information
  • Mercury Dejavoo transactions are converting to not-present MID when deferred scheduler runs.
  • Call Center improvements when using callcenter db as local store db
  • Further changes to OLO deferred promise times - setting additional print same as print time.
  • Add support  for CVV with legacy online (LG) interface
  • Fixed issues with transactions for 0.00 getting stuck in the batch
  • Fixed issues with online order submitted single quote in credit card address field
  • Resolved issues with promise time update to Thr!ve Online.
  • Fixed issues forcing a deferred online order live
  • Resolved issue  - CC receipts at dispatch only print receipts for the first order when routing >1 Delivery
  • Enhanced the Thr!ve Online export to allow for item sort order
  • Removed Yahoo weather integration due to changes to their API terms
  • Fixed issue where Delete and hit tab is giving 'NaN' in the Amount to Deposit text fields.
  • Improved OpenEdge integration to send proper industry codes
  • FireFly deferred orders default lead time can be incorrect.
  • Apostrophe in last name can cause issues.
  • Editing deferred orders with Mercury EMV problems resolved
  • Resolved pricing issues with splitting stacked items into fractions 
  • Online deferred orders can print twice if print at time of order is selected  
  • FF change delivery to pickup with register assignment override cancel can cause charge issues.
  • Trim input fields in credit and gift setup area and disabled unneeded fields 
  • Remove yahoo weather from manager home and store summary
  • EFT credit card type is set inappropriately in some cases.
  • Refactor Cayan Vault enrollment process 
  • Alternate Pricing button can be visible when multiple price is not enabled. 
  • Improved OpenEdge integration to send proper industry codes
  • Mercury Encrypted MSR support added for Gift Cards.
  • Enhanced ADP export
    a) Added support for leading zeros in Job type department codes and batch ID.
    b) Earning codes will not show on export if value is zero for this employee.
  • Add checkStatus method to MercuryDejavoo transactions to recover lost authorizations
    Check values have been added to trigger a retrieval of the previous transaction in the event of a browser, network or other environmental event causes a successful authorization from being attached to a POS process. Dejavoo devices must be up to date with checkStatus method activated.
  • Improved Call Center Encryption in mixed OS environment.

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