Configuring Schedule Options

The schedule section in the employee configuration allows you to enforce a few rules for employees. To set these rules navigate to Manager Home > Configuration > Employees > Schedule.

  • Minimum Schedule Shift Length: When making a schedule you can set a minimal amount of hours an employee can work on any given scheduled shift by entering the number here. 
  • Verify Schedule For Clock On: If checked; this will make sure that an employee cannot clock on to the system if they are not on a posted schedule. A manager override will be required in order to clock on. 
  • Record Late After: If a time is set in this box, the employee will be considered late after x mins past their scheduled time of clocking in. This will be recorded in the system and you can see it on their profile.
  • Allow Early Clock In: If a time is set in this box, the employee will be allowed to clock in x mins before their scheduled time. 
Be sure to always save your changes.

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