Changing The Driver Fee And Method

To change the method in which you pay drivers driver fees navigate to Manager Home > Configuration > Employees > Employee Configuration.

Select the job type you wish to edit the driver method on.

Select the method you would like to pay from the "Driver Fee Method" dropdown list.

  • Fee Per Order: This will pay the driver a set amount per each order.
  • Fee Per Dispatch: This will pay the set amount each time the driver is dispatched.
  • % Of Order: Pays a certain percentage of the order amount.
  • Equal To Delivery Fee: Pays the same amount as the delivery fee. Click here to read about delivery fees.
  • Different Fee Per Zone: Pays a set amount based on which zone is being delivered to. Click here to read about zones.
  • Prompt Per Order: Will prompt for a delivery fee amount per each order.
  • Mileage: Will pay X amount per each mile driven.

Make sure once you have selected the driver fee method that the amount is also filled in.

Be sure to always save your changes.

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