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Counter Service

Log On to the system

Select the menu tab you wish to use

Select an item by pressing the button.

Select a size & style, if applicable, by pressing the appropriate size & style buttons

Modify the item, if desired, by selecting additional toppings or un-selecting included toppings  

Use the Next button to complete that item

Continue to order any additional items from that or other menu

Add a coupon or discount by using a coupon button on the menu, or the "Discount" button. 

Press the Finish button when you are done ordering items

Select the order type.

Enter the appropriate customer identification, such as customer name, table #, or tent #.

If tendering the order now, enter the amount tendered, and select the tender type, and press Pay.

OR: If using integrated credit, swipe the credit card upon entering the Tender screen.

Press Pay Later to send the items to the kitchen and leave the ticket open.

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