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Taking A Phone Order

Log On to the system

Press the Look Up icon

Enter the phone number or other customer information to find the customer; or select the phone icon which corresponds with the line you are answering.

If more than one customer is found, select the correct customer from the list below by touching that line and press "Next"

If you can't find the customer you are looking for, don't select anyone and  press Next to enter a new customer.  

If Last Order Recall is active, you'll see a screen with the customer's most recent order(s) display for easy reordering.   Touch the order at the left to apply those items to the current order.

If not using Last Order Recall, you'll see the Customer Info screen which gives you a detailed look at the customer record.

For even more information, or to edit the customer record, press the Details button.

Take the order by selecting the appropriate menu tab, and taking an order as normal.

When you've ordered all items, press the Look Up icon again.

Press the Delivery, Eat-In or Pick Up buttons to finalize the order and send it to the kitchen.   

If using pre-arrange tender / Integrated credit, choose the appropriate tender type.

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