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Credit Card Processing - Orders

Counter Orders

  • Immediately upon entering the tender screen, if you do not touch the screen, you can swipe the card on the card reader to process the card for the Exact amount of the order.

  • OR, enter a higher or lower total on the tender screen, then press "Swipe Card", then swipe the credit card.

  • If the card is approved and the total order amount has been tendered, the ticket will be cleared and the receipt(s) will print. 

  • If the total order amount has not been tendered, the tender screen will remain so additional tender types can be used. 

  • If the card swipe does not work, touch the tender type button and you can type in the card number and expiration date.  A zip code is required for all manually entered cards.

  • Once the ticket has been closed, a tip can be added.  Find the ticket on the orders screen, select it, and touch "Adjust Tips".  Enter the tip amount.    The ticket does not need to be recalled.

  • NOTE:  Credit card processing does NOT work with the "Paid In" function at this time. 

Delivery Orders

  • Upon selecting "Delivery" the tender type choice pop up will appear.  Touch Visa or any credit type to bring up the credit card entry screen. 

  • On this screen you can change the amount to do a partial tender to one card, or to tender more than the ticket total.  This will result in a tip.

  • Type in the card number and expiration date.

  • Confirm the address and zip code which was brought in from the customer record.

  • If activated, you can choose to use the previous customer card which will bring in the last credit card used for this customer record. 

  • Press "Process" to process the card.

  • The credit card receipt will print at this time.

  • If the full amount has not been tendered, choose another tender type (or choose the same credit type) and repeat the process until the full amount is tendered. 

Note:  If you use the "X" to exit the tender screen after partially tendering to credit card, the authorization will be voided.     For deferred orders, the credit card will authorize when the order becomes open.

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