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Troubleshooting - Credit Card Processing

Below are common errors or concerns:

  • Internet Authorization Failed:    This results when the processor's internet service is down, or your internet connection is down.     Call the phone number for a voice authorization code and enter it into the screen.     Then check your internet connection.   If it is okay, wait a few minutes and try another transaction - usually the processors come back up quickly. 


  • Duplicate Transaction Error:   This results when the same card has been run that day for the same amount.   Press FORCE if you indeed want to charge the card again.  If you are not sure why the transaction is showing as a duplicate, you may want to check the records in PC Charge directly or contact technical support.


  • Error: IP Init:  This results when the PC Charge program is not running.  Check your workstation 1 where PC Charge is installed.   Exit Phoenix and view the PC Desktop.  You should see a blue/green $$ sign in the bottom right system tray to indicate PC Charge is running.  If it is not, reboot the workstation and it should start up again. 


Below is a brief checklist for configuring your integrated credit. Please contact technical support for more information.

  • Install PC Charge on workstation 1

  • Run the "Merchant Set Up Wizard" to configure your processor information

  • Add appropriate additional users to PC Charge 

  • Run a test transaction to ensure this is set up correctly.

  • Minimize PC Charge

  • Install VNC on workstation 1.  This is used to allow support to access your PC Charge program remotely.

  • Configure your router to allow access via VNC

  • Configure Internet Explorer to allow your processor's web site as a "trusted internet site"

  • Configure Integrated Credit in Phoenix via Configuration / Tax Tender Cash / Credit.   

  • Set up the credit card printer via Configuration / Printers / Printer Station

  • Turn on "pre-arrange tender" for deliveries at Configuration / Order Types / Common Set up

  • Set deliveries to be automatically settled (or return & pay) at Configuration / Order Types / Delivery

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