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Inventory: Export for Purchase Orders        

The FireFly  system has the ability to export your Purchase Order in a format compatible with  This will allow you to enter your Sysco order in FireFly and save the step of re-entering it online for Sysco. 

FireFly System Set-Up

  • Inventory area, select any ingredient that you order form Sysco and edit it so that you can edit the vendor "Sysco" and in the "account #" field, enter your account #.   This may be your user ID from the online system.
  • Check that the vendor # field for the ingredient matches the Sysco number in their system. 
  • Select the "sysco" option from the "Export Option" drop down.
Sysco System Set-up:
  • Log in to the e-sysco system
  • Go to Options, set the "Import Option" to option #2.

FireFly Export of PO:

  • In the FireFly System, Inventory area, click on "Create PO"
  • Create the Purchase Order for Sysco by selecting appropriate ingredients.
  • Check the requested delivery date field.
  • Save the PO
  • After saving, the Export button will be available 
  • Press Export, and save the resulting file on your computer.   Do not change the file name, it is in Sysco's required format.

Sysco Import:

  • Log into e-sysco
  • Create a new order.  After filling out initial info, click on the main screen right column "Import File" link
  • Browse to your saved file and import
  • Review the order to ensure it is accurate.
  • Submit the order to Sysco.
  • Upon receiving the order, review the invoice and update any price changes on the "Receive" screen in FireFly. 

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