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Activate Integrated Credit Processing

Check this box to activate integrated credit card processing within Phoenix.

Select PC Charge,  Mercury Pay, PPI.

NOTE: Verifone EFT terminal is only for international implementations at this time. 

NOTE: The PC Charge option requires installation and configuration of PC Charge Payment Server Software, with a valid Merchant Account.

The Mercury Pay option requires a valid Mercury Payment Systems processing account; PPI requires a valid PPI account.

Both options require a broadband internet connection.

When checked, the following tender types will be processed:   Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex

Credit Card Processing Company (PC Charge) Select the processor you are using

Merchant ID / Account Token

The Merchant ID assigned by your processor

Keyed Transaction Merchant ID   The Merchant ID assigned by your processor for keyed transactions, if required.
Merchant Services Phone # Enter the voice authorization number for your processor. 

Bank #

Terminal #

These fields are not used at this time.

IP (for PC Charge)

The IP address of the workstation on your network where the PC Charge software is installed  

URL (for <ercury / PPI) The URL for Mercury or PPI  transactions
Port (for PC Charge) The default port for PC Charge is 31419
# of Credit Receipts to Print Choose to print 1 receipt if you use 2-ply carbon paper, choose to print 2 if you are using normal paper (merchant copy and customer copy)
Credit receipt font size Select large or small font.
Include Tip Line: Choose to print a tip line if needed
Mask Card # on Merchant Copy Choose to hide the card detailed # on the merchant copy of the receipt (recommended if 2-ply receipt paper is used)
No sign required on transactions under Set a $ amount under which no signature is required.    A credit receipt will still print.  Check with your merchant services provider for the $ amount to set.
Include cardholder name Select if you want the cardholder name to appear on the credit slip.
Enter ccv# on keyed orders Select if you would like to require the CCV# on non-swiped transactions
Print Delivery credit slips Select if you want the credit slip to print at time of order, at dispatch, or both.
Define Station by PCC User Select each station from the drop down and enter the proper UserID for PC Charge, if the default selection is not correct.  This is used to manage which stations are active if not all Phoenix stations are licensed for credit.
Archive data after __ days Enter a value from 0 to 90, based on your business need to keep full credit card data. Any data older than this will be truncated at time of batch close. Pending deferred transactions will remain.  All data is securely encrypted to meet PCI standards
Activate credit processing on batch screen Check this if you would like the option to process sale & refund transactions directly from the credit batch screen without a corresponding ticket in the POS.

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