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Manage Configuration Overview

The Manage configurations screen is the gateway to various integrations and other special options.

To access this screen, navigate to Configuration > Manage Configuration

Import DB

The Import function allows you to import key databases. These include:

Customer (.csv file)
Zip City (from RapidFire Systems)
RF Customer (from RapidFire systems)
Employee (from RapidFire systems)
Streets (ACH street format)

When importing, do so in the above order to ensure no duplication of city and zip data.  

For general customer import, the output option "Export detailed to .csv" in Manage Customers will provide a template for the columns your customer file must have.  If you don't have all this data, keep the columns but leave them blank.

When importing streets, it is recommended that you clear out existing zone, section and grid values so that the street database does not duplicate these values. The street database must have the following columns in this order: 

Street Direction, Street Name, Upper, Lower, Zip, Grid, City, Zone (optional), Address2 (optional), Suburb (optional), latitude (optional), longitude (optional), delivery point ID (optional), vendor ID (optional), distance (optional).   ALL values will be set to the system Default State and Section, so make sure these are properly set by selecting them in the Config / Orders / Phone Orders area and saving that screen.

Export Items to XML:

This button allows you to export your menu items with prices to an XML format for use by a 3rd party online ordering company.   

You will have the option to export Topping Items, Non Topping Items, and Offers. Press the button to save the file as a .xml file on your computer.   Repeat with each button.  You can then e-mail them to your online ordering company.   You should do this whenever your menu changes.

Create Online Store:

You may see this if you don't have a LetsGet online ordering account.  Do not use this button.  Contact Granbury to create a Thr!ve Online account instead.

Let's Get OLO Menu:

You may see this if you have an active Let's Get online ordering account.

Don't change the configuration or connection settnigs here unless instructed to do so.   Click on Upload Menus to update your menus to Let's Get.

N2K Config

This screen will contain connection information for N2K, the enterprise reporting software.  Don't change this information unless instructed to do so.

N2k Historical Data

This section is used to create historical data uploads for N2K.  This is useful to load past data into the system, or if you need to catch up on data that did not report for some time.

Set the date range you wish to generate.  Press start.  This will generate a file that you can save to your computer.   An N2K administrator can load that file into N2K. 

Manage Stores

This section is used for Central Menu Management, to send menu and pricing changes to other locations.  

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