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Configuring Your System's Email

Although we recommend you contacting Granbury support to assist you in setting up your system's email configurations 866-678-6781, you can set it up by navigating to Manager Home > Configuration  > General > Store Setup.

Any email sent from this POS will be dictated by these settings.

Click on Email Configuration.

  • Mailer: The email account carrier.
  • Authentication: Does the email require server authentication before it can be delivered?
  • Mail From: The system you're mailing from.
  • From Name: The name of the sender. This will appear on the email header.
  • Server: The account carrier's server that the email is being sent from.
  • Port: The port in which the email is sent from.
  • Username:  The username of the email account.
  • Password: The password of the email account.
Again if you do not know all of the information required you can call tech support at 866-678-6781 and they will assist you.

Be sure to always save your changes.

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