Create A Cash Drawer

To create a new cash drawer that can be assigned to a station navigate to Manager Home > Configuration > General > Station Device.

  1. Click the "Cash Drawer" box.
  2. Select "Add New" from the Select Cash Drawer dropdown.

Select Cash Drawer: Select the type of drawer you have from the drop down list.
Drawer Name: Give your drawer a name, such as "Station 1 Cash"
Drawer Label: Enter a drawer label.   Can be the same as the name
Drawer Port: Specify the port that the drawer is connected to. This is typically LPT-1 for parallel drawers.
Default: Check this if it is the default drawer for this station. Each register station must have at least one drawer marked as default, or use a drawer attached to another station.
Require Assignment: If checked, this drawer can not be used until it is assigned to an on-the-clock employee.  (Except for employees who have the security setting to override register assignments)

Be sure to always save your changes.

You can now assign the drawer to a specific station. To learn how click here.

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